Yahoo Social Media Overwhelmingly Appeals To Millenial Females


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

A recent report from UKOM/Neilsen research showed that the average Yahoo searcher was aged 55 or over and Google had a more balanced spread of age demographics. This got us thinking about whether these findings would translate to their social media profiles so we fired up the Unmetric app and added the fan pages for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The first thing to note is that Bing’s Facebook page is dedicated to their search engine whereas the Google and Yahoo’s fan pages cover a far wider range of products and therefore it’s not surprising that Bing is lagging far behind when it comes to raw numbers of fans. However, Google’s growth has been astronomical and Yahoo should start looking over their shoulders because by early March we reckon Google will over take them – you heard it here first, folks!

Search Engine Fan Growth Rates

So back to that research. Most searchers on Yahoo are over 55. Our own analysis, taken from the Unmetric app show that UKOM/Neilsen’s research doesn’t extend to Yahoo’s social media efforts with a staggering 79% of fans below the age of 30. Infact, less than 6% of fans are over 55 so is it an indication that a Facebook Like doesn’t mean that the person uses that particular search engine?

Yahoo Age Demographics

The behemoth of search engines, a modern day giant, Google’s Facebook page reflects their unique approach to design – minimal in the extreme. With only two admin posts in the last 7 days Google are obviously not putting too much effort in to this social media platform which is hardly surprising really given the animosity between the two companies. Just like Yahoo though, the fans are nearly all aged 30 or younger and the over 50’s make up a meagre 5% of the fans.

Google Age Demographics

Bing’s demographic data is much more spread out compared to its rivals, this might be because it’s focused only on its search engine. Three quarters of the fans are 40 or younger but even the older age ranges are fairly evenly matched.

Bing Age Demographics

Judging from the data above we’d have thought that Bing would be the search engine of choice for the baby boomers.

So what about gender? Does any search engine appeal more to one particular sex? The graph below shows that while Google and Bing are split evenly amongst males and females, Yahoo is significantly skewed towards a female bias.

Search Engine Fans Gender Demographics

So there we have it, Yahoo’s average searchers might be over 55 but when it comes to social media they are definitely appealing to a younger female audience. Google are attracting huge numbers of fans which is surprising given their economical posting schedule (which just goes to show that when you have one of the biggest brands in the world the fans come to you) and Bing are the most balanced in terms of demographics equally liked by men and women below the age of 40.

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