Why We Renamed Our Mobile App to Unmetric Track


Aishwarya Krishnamurthy

January 12, 2016 2 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

Today, our mobile app – Unmetric Sense is being renamed.

Naming, or in this case renaming, a product is not a simple or easy decision. Blue Ribbon Sports, a solid name that brings to mind champions and represents the best of the best seems like the perfect name for a sportswear company, right? So why did Nike change their name? It simply didn’t  match the aura of Nike – the Greek goddess of victory. It switched the story of the brand from ‘buy the shoes to be a winner’ to ‘be a winner by buying these shoes’. 

When we first launched the app ‘to keep an eye on your competitors‘, we knew that it was the best way to get a ‘sense’ of your competition’s content, strategy and even broader business objectives. While we got incredible feedback from publications and users alike, we found that the name wasn’t capturing what the app really helped marketers do.


Unmetric Sense was simply too passive a name to capture the  proactivity of marketers that are looking for competitive intelligence. They didn’t just want to get a ‘sense’ that everyone is talking about Christmas or the L.A Auto Show or the Royal Baby. Users were aggressively monitoring the multiple social profiles of their direct competitors – looking for insights of why a certain post did better, how frequency of posting affected engagement and using this information to better inform their own strategy. 

They were tracking the competition. 

We then assembled a blue ribbon panel (see what I did there?) to investigate whether, our own attachment to the name aside, we needed to reassess and rebrand. Unmetric Track is still the same awesome app that Yuri Pereira at Coca Cola and Greg Stuart, Global CEO of The Mobile Marketing Association had only wonderful things to say about It still tracks 35,000-plus companies across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in one beautiful stream. It’s still the ultimate tool in your marketing arsenal for competitive intelligence. It just has a new name.

As I said before, the decision to change the name of a product is not easy or lightly taken. But in this case, it made sense. 

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