Why is Unmetric a Forbes.com Social Media Company to Watch?


Peter Claridge

September 9, 2015 2 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017


In just two words: Social Analytics.

Well at least we like to think so. In a recent Forbes.com article, Unmetric was at the top of the list of 15 Social Media Companies to watch in 2015.

While all the others were apps or social networks, we were the only analytics company to make the list, and on top of it at that! We are a pretty modest company, but we have to say we were filled with pride that Forbes recognized our unique space in the social media universe.  

Why Did They Choose Us?

Here’s what they had to say:

Rather than taking hours or days to analyze data, Unmetric can analyze your marketing efforts in minutes and compare them to relevant competition. It even provides real-time alerts when content your competition posts is driving more engagement than usual.

While this is a great start, and we’ll give them a break since they only had a couple of sentences to describe our robust analytics, here are some other reasons we have been providing the world’s biggest brands and agencies social media intelligence for four years.

1. Effortless Platform Integration in Social Workflow

The new intelligent social workflow isn’t just about creating and listening, it also includes ideation, comparison and analysis that has to be done in a cycle to build upon, improve and run better social media campaigns.  Our intuitive web-based solution makes it easy to analyze and make decisions, even if you don’t have Masters in Analytics!

2. More Than Analytics, We Are a Social Media Search Engine

Our clients are searching over 150 million pieces of micro-content from the last few years to help take shortcuts through creative brainstorming sessions. Basically this means, we will help make your job easier and faster to make decisions with your Social Media updates, whether it’s finding inspiration for a creative way to run a promotion for a product or even announce you have a new CEO…again. It’s as easy as doing a keyword search and selecting from a variety of filters.

3. Innovation

Like everything social media related, we are constantly evolving, adding new features, and most importantly: adding data. We have over 37,000 brands (and growing) that we track and analyze across various social platforms, and that means more inspiration for you and your team!  

See for yourself why Forbes rated Unmetric as one of the top social media companies to watch…get started on a Free Trial today. Use the form below to signup.

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