Week 38 Top Automotive Brand Videos


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

Hold it right there. Did I say Top Automotive Brand Videos and not Viral Brand Videos? Umm… That’s new.
This week I decided to give the viral videos a rest and decided to look at the top videos from one sector. It’s only fit and proper that I started off with the Automotive sector, given that the auto industry is renown for its creative ads (being the first sector while sorting by alphabetic order didn’t have anything to do with it, honest!). Did the top auto videos of the week live up to my expectations? Let’s take a look!

#1: 24HRFiesta | Sunrise Soldier

As part of the pre-launch of the new Fiesta model, Ford invited customers to enter a contest and find their 24Hour Fiesta. This video was the most viewed of all the 15 videos from the 24HRFiesta series. This video of two women and a man seizing life in the early hours of the day has been viewed 23,000 times, way more than all the other videos in the series..

#2: Mark Cavendish takes on the TT run with the XF Sportbrake

In the quest to beat his current speed record held for the ultimate downhill road challenge, Mark Cavendish, a professional road racing cyclist and Sport Ambassador of Jaguar academy takes on the challenge along with the Jag XF. The two and a half minute long video impressed cyclists and Jag fans alike.

#3: Volkswagen Feeling Carefree Commercial | VW USA

You’re in a meeting room, there is a conference going on and you suddenly start dreaming and singing out loud. If that sounds like a situation you don’t want to be in, you don’t want to buy a Volkswagen car. The brand now offers free maintenance for up to two years and if that doesn’t give you a carefree feeling, I don’t know what else can. The illustrations and the sketches set the mood for the entire video and are visually appealing.


#4: Renault Twizy for fun! // Renault Twizy pour le fun!

It’s a car, it’s a bike…it’s the Renault Twizy. This hybrid from Renault runs on electricity and can seat two people. The advert captures the life you will have with the vehicle: comfort, quality and an enviable social status. The video was viewed by over 200,000 people.

#5: TOYOTA booth report at the 65th Frankfurt International

This video is a guided tour of the cars and their features at Toyota’s booth at the 65th Frankfurt International Motor Show. The guide takes one through each car at the expo and explains the features of the car. This is a must watch for all the car fanatics who couldn’t make it to the motor show and more than 5,000 such people enjoyed this video. This is one of the most recently added videos in the channel and that might be one of the reasons why the video quickly accumulated views.

These brands have evolved from the stage of just focusing a video on a fancy car for promotions and are now putting out content that is so much more interactive and interesting. Though ads which focus completely on the “sexy car” are still a major feature of their strategy, this change is definitely refreshing. Way to go Automotive sector, we’re definitely watching out for more.


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