Week 35 – Music Helps These Brands Go Viral


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

You know how they say music is food for the soul? Well, it’s amazing how these viral videos told us the exact same thing this week. Out of the five videos, three of them heavily bank on music: coincidence or is it actually the universe sending us a subliminal message? Hmm. Anyways, the videos are pretty long-ish (yes, it’s a technical word) this week, with three of them over a minute long – but who can complain when they’re belting out some funky, leg shaking new music.

#1: Davidoff Cool Water LOVE THE OCEAN – MACY’S

Davidoff Cool Water’s latest ad is the top viral brand video for this week. The much loved male perfume shows their support for the environment by coming together with National Geographic to help promote their mission to protect the last wild places in the ocean which are threatened by fleets of fishing ships. Although it does seem a little bit contrived for a perfume to support ocean protection, the good news is you get a free beach towel when you buy this perfume. The video received close to 68,000 new views making it this week’s top viral brand video.


#2: Coca-Cola | Todo Mundo por Gaby Amarantos e Monobloco

This Portuguese song from Coca-cola brings Brazilian sensation Gaby and Monoblock together for the first time ever. Coke, in its early bird FIFA 2014 promotions, announced a contest where the winner gets to take 100 friends to a game. This vibrant song, is a tune to celebrate each goal and actually earning this song triples one’s chances to win.


#3: Chalo Apni Chaal: Sprite Teen Till I Die

This advert from Sprite (India) promotes their ongoing contest and invites people to share their videos of art, dance, music or stand-up comedy for a chance to win some goodies. With teens dancing to peppy music and making people with two left foot (err, like me) jealous; the video scored over 100,000 views in just a couple of days.


#4: DICK’S Sporting Goods Presents HELL WEEK: A Necessary Evil

The movie “Remember the Titans” comes to mind while watching this video. DICK’S films presents “HELL WEEK: A Necessary Evil”- a show documenting a High School Football team that is put to test at their annual pre-season overnight training camp located in the hills of Tennessee where the values of team spirit and hard work are drilled into these young men. The video received close to 180,000 new views in around 4 days.

#5: Coca-Cola Zero | Festival

In this 30 second Coke Zero ad, two convenience kiosks battle it out to get the crowd’s attention using a very innovative smartphone app. The different songs that come with every can of Coke Zero ensure the crowd shuttles between both stands. The video is a part of Coca-Cola Zero’s very clever campaign held in South America and it received close to 215,000 new views in 3 days.


Two videos from the Coca-cola family went viral this week, that’s no surprise especially with the brands continuing innovation and it was interesting to see that both were based on music. Isn’t that a great musical end to a great week? Also a groovy start to the next!


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