Week 31 Viral Brand Videos: British Airways Tells You to go Home to Your Mom


Vikas Bysani

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

This week we have an odd concoction of videos which will amaze you and possibly make you shed a tear or two.

#1 Best Buy “Marine Biologist”

Best buy, America’s biggest electronic retail chain promotes their back to school offer in the video posted. In the video, an ambitious marine biologist discovers the perfect college device to help get her fulfill her career aspirations. The video received close to 1.4m views in just a couple a days which is huge and possibly the result of some paid promotion work on the YouTube platform.


#2 British Airways India — A Ticket to Visit Mum

Beware: this video made a couple of people in our office shed a tear or two. British Airways takes an emotional stance in this video and shows us that home is where the heart is. British Airways brings together a mom and her son who live in the opposite ends of the earth and have not seen each other in over 5 years. This video, a great effort by British Airways, received close to 160,000 in period of 2 days.

#3 Citi: Urban Renewal in Miami – Kings Terrace

Citi takes initiative and renovates and reconstruct an area, Kings Terrace, which was run down and all but abandoned by the municipality. Citi provided affordable housing for many families, helped to foster a vibrant community and brought down crime and teenage delinquency. The video received close to 4,000 new views in 4 days, which might not sound like much, but the unique way Unmetric measures virality for brands and sectors means that 4,000 is viral for Citi videos.

#4 Citi: 200 Years of Progress: Citi uses social media for home

Wait, Citibank is on a roll! Here is another video from the company that made our list of top viral videos. In this video Citi demonstrates how going online can help home owners make their mortgage payments or face foreclosures. www.homeownersupport.com is a Citi Initiative which connects home owners and builds an online community from where they can draw help from each other.

Hey, hold on, where’s video number five? Unfortunately the rest of the videos were all movie trailers from the major film studios and I know you’d love to watch Robert Downey Jr strut his stuff, but it’s just not ‘brand-y’ (real word, yo) enough for us. Next week we hope we’ll have five awesome brand videos for y’all!


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