Week 26 Top Viral Brand Videos: Cute Pugs, Adorable Kids & Making Babies


Vikas Bysani

August 8, 2014 4 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

This week’s Top 5 Viral Videos seems to be a trail mix of videos from different sectors. While 2 of the videos are less than 20 seconds the rest are longer than a minute and a half, which is a life time by YouTube standards! This week, the longer videos have something in common: they all revolve around children. That human factor seems to be a driving force in helping the videos go viral. Let’s dive in and take a look.

1) Campaña Libera el Potencial 2013 / Asistencia Global

This week’s top viral video is a video from American Express Mexico. Now since my Spanish vocabulary stops at being able to order two more beers, I had to rope in our legendary graphics designer from Spain. He tells me that the video explains that if you get sick abroad, American Express will set you up with a doctor that understands your language – perfect if you don’t speak Spanish. It’s an example of the “SanaSana” (Healthy-Healthy) service that American Express offers. The video received a crazy 1,600,000 videos in a couple of days, evidently this is a service Mexicans are really interested in.


2) Secure Mobility – Miami Children’s’ Hospital Citrix Customer

A child’s life is not only precious, but is also fragile. Doctors around the world, like the one in the video, require quick, concise and dependable information at any time in order to provide more effective healthcare. In the video below, Citrix shows us how its cloud based system helps doctors get to their patient information fast. The video received close to 60,000 views and has struck a much better chord than a few of the older videos posted by Citrix.

3) Do Right – Kids Know Best – Why Is It Important To Tell The Truth

“Do Right” is Tata Capital‘s latest campaign (Tata is a huge conglomerate from India, it’s often said that a person in India is no more than a few yards away from a Tata product). In the video posted, children from India are asked the simple, yet tricky, question: “Why do you think it’s important to tell the truth”. I’m not sure how much the kids were coached but they seemed to have more ideas than my colleagues when I did a quick straw poll in the office! Tata Capital has also released an app on Facebook, where fans post videos of their kids answering to the same question and the best answer wins a scholarship. The video received close to 12,000 views which is impressive given the brand sells personal investment products.

4) Biggr. Spectaculr. Wherevr. Flickr.

More space is never a bad thing. Flickr, the much loved but until recently the somewhat forgotten photo sharing platform, is giving out 1 terabyte worth of free space to all its users. Hmm, my DSLR pics do take up an unholy amount of space. I’m sold. I think the best part of the video was the pug using the tablet to scroll through its photos and if you don’t give it a Like then there’s possibly no hope left for humanity. (OK, that might be a little bit over dramatic). The video received close to 50,000 views in just a week’s time. Was it because of the pug or the free 1 TB world of storage?

5) Clearblue – Maximise your chances of getting pregnant

Clearblue is always on our radar for their commendable performance on different social media platforms. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube they always manage to attract the attention of the interwebs. The video posted below shows how Clearblue’s ovulation kit can help couples plan their pregnancy and understand their peak fertility days and act accordingly. Identifying 4 days instead of 2 of high fertility seems to be there unique selling proposition. The video received close to 20,000 views in just 2 days, obviously making this a hot niche topic for many people!

There you have it ladies and gentleman our top viral videos for the week. Brands can cause an impact with videos which are made to be quite long; however it is possible for a viewer to lose interest halfway. It is risky, but if it works, go for it. Look at for this space next week and see what brands around the world are up to.


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