Week 25 Top Viral Brand Videos – Mobiles for a woman living in a shoe!


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 8, 2014 4 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

We once again found a very interesting mix in the most viral brand videos of this week. While 3 videos are as short as 30 seconds, the other two are almost 2 minutes long. All the brands are giants in their own sector and each video has gone viral in just a day or two. Both the long videos are like mini documentaries, other than that there’s not much in common between the videos. Here are the top 5 viral videos of the week, they’re sure to surprise and entertain.

#1/ T-Mobile | Woman in a Shoe gets a “Simple Choice”

This advert shows how T-mobile has the best prices and is affordable even for an old lady who lives in a shoe, who has so many kids she doesn’t know what to do. Parents of the world will surely get the connection. The woman (definitely not an old one though) picks T-mobile over AT&T for her kids, because she gets a Samsung Galaxy S4 for a better price. The ad had me thinking: is it just me, or have I grown too old to appreciate the humor or is the ad actually not so funny? Have I lost my funny bone? :-s


#2/ Coca-Cola ZERO – Uwierzysz jak spróbujesz

The video is of Coke’s many innovative taste tests. In a movie theater, everyone’s favorite cola drink is secretly replaced with Coke Zero. You’d think at least a few people would notice the difference; but no! Not a single person notices that their Coke is not their regular full bodied, red label Coke, at least, not until they’re told so. How much of the video is staged, I don’t know, but it would be nice to think that it was all genuine reactions from the audience.


#3/ Agriculture Technology in China | DuPont Pioneer — “Planting Prosperity”

DuPont’s “Planting Prosperity” video takes us through the story of a Chinese farmer. As the farmer and his family reminisce about the hardships of farming in the olden days, they tell us how much it has improved recently, thanks to DuPont’s technology. The documentary-like video is definitely a job well done with the logic and projection of technology intricately woven with an emotive story.

#4/ Captiva LifeTest: Ready For Everything Anthem – :20 version – Chevrolet

Heard of live-in jeans? Well, Chevrolet wanted to go one step further with their live-in car. Chevrolet’s video shows how a few of amateur superstars of YouTube took the #LifeTest. It is a part of their current campaign for their latest car: Captiva, which they claim has everything one needs. A great piece of content marketing leveraging the popularity of key influencers on YouTube.

#5/ Rebecca Lando Brings Good Food to Tables on a Budget – American Express #PassionProject

This is the second video this week that has taken the documentary route. While I wouldn’t say that it’s proof that long form content can work, it does serve as a reminder to other brands that they don’t just need to upload their 30 second TVCs. This video is about Rebecca and how American Express helped her bring her dream to life; it is part of Amex’s #PassionProject series. This is definitely an interesting way to promote the brand and to also project the brand’s real interest in their customer’s life.


There you go, you now know the viral videos of the week. We love the fact that each video is unique and interesting in its own way. With more and more videos getting uploaded each day, it gets tougher and tougher for a brand to come with creative content and engage its audiences. Stories with an emotional pull definitely seem to work, as do the funny 30 seconds ads. Can’t wait to see what brandville throws up for us next week.


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