Week 24 Top Viral Brand Videos – A new car to buy and a credit card to buy it with.


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

The top brand videos of the week were a cultural mix, with videos from various countries around the world. Once again they prove that short is sweet; all videos except one are just over 30 seconds. With no common theme, the top 5 videos represent varied sectors.

#1/ Meses sin Intereses con tu Tarjeta de Crédito Banamex


The video, in Spanish, from Banamex promotes their credit card with which you can go months without paying interest. When the man in this video comes home from work, he surprises his family with a new flat screen TV. While the wife worries about costs, the husband tells her about Banamex’s credit card. Looks like people loved the video as it went viral with over 900,000 views overnight. What credit crunch?


#2/ 2014 Mazda6 | The Mazda Way: The Fosbury Flop | Mazda Canada


When someone flips the norms and does something revolutionary, the ideas inspires millions. Dick Fosbury’s backward jump transformed not just high jumps, it influenced (in a somewhat convoluted fashion) Mazda’s newest car – the Mazda6. The car which flips convention and brings in “ultra-fresh” technology is just a feast for the eyes; Vroom, vroom!


#3/ A Quarter-Century of Combating AIDS


Some brands take their CSR activities quite seriously; Chevron seems to be one of them. The video takes you through Chevron’s dreams for society and the actions they’ve taken to make it come true. Footage from the events conducted by the oil major forms a big part of the video. Over 13,000 people viewed the video in just three days.

#4/ CokeZone


Music, musicians and a coke; what more does one need for a winning campaign? This video, promotes Coca-Cola’s new CokeZone which is all about innovating, listening and sharing. The Hungarian video was viewed almost 50,000 times in the last week.


#5/ DIRECTV Spot – Chase


There’s nothing new with an ad which says ‘television comes alive’ or so they might have you think. What if it could come alive anywhere anytime? Directv allows you to watch your recorded shows anywhere, on any device for no extra charge – which is pretty freaking awesome for those long, long commutes. The advert itself is quite creative in a Honey I Shrunk the Kids way, but I think it’s the ability to watch recorded TV anywhere that helped this video get nearly 700,000 views.


In spite of hundreds of videos being uploaded every day, just a select few go viral. Is it because of content or is it because of promotions? It’s difficult to say. It can be the case that a planned video fails to catch the viral wave, while an innocuous, forgotten video (like Rick Astley) suddenly becomes extremely relevant. Regardless, you need key influencers, PR and an element of luck to give the video a helping hand.


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