Week 23 Top Viral Brand Videos – Axe Shows How To Make a Bad Impression


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

What do you get when you put together some hair gel, tea extract and innovative ideas? The top viral videos of the week of course. This week, while three of the top 5 videos are just over 30 seconds long, the other two extend to an average of almost two and a half minutes – a proverbial epic by YouTube standards.

1#/ AXE Hair First Impressions Playbook – Intern Edition: Rule #11


Well what do you know, once again another brand has tied up with the movie “The Internship” after we saw Miller doing the same thing last week. This week, the last bastion of manliness, Axe, pulls out the old playbook in this advert. In the video posted, an intern shows us exactly what not to do while making a first impression. The video received a whopping 83,906 new views on YouTube in a single day before crossing the 100,000 mark.


#2/ Honest Tea: If it’s not real, it’s not Honest

Honest Tea

Ingredients: Tea leaves*, Honey and Sugar. How do you interest a person with something that’s on the back label of a packaged drink? Turns out making it into a video works! HonestTea’s simple ad captures the essence of both the tea and the brand. The shots in ultra-slow motion are very impressive when watched in HD.

Update: *Thanks to the folks at Honest Tea who got in touch to clarify that they only use real tea leaves. Absolutely no tea extracts and no tea flavorings – as you’ll see in the sumptuous video below…


#3/ Innovating For The Everyday – P&G Canada


Forget bigger, better and faster, saysProcter & Gamble. Instead, they would like you to take a moment to think about the little improvements and a world of possibilities, less glamorous than a feat of engineering, but with far more reaching impact. Here, P&G has put out a semi-inspirational video which reminds the world that the company is constantly innovating for the everyday human needs. This is achieved by taking a trip down memory lane and gently reminding us how P&G’s products have made everyday chores easier. The video received 52,280 new views in 3 days.


#4/ Citi Simplicity®: Erica vs. The Rough Day


You know you don’t want to mess with Erica after she has a rough day; especially since she practices kick boxing. So what does she do when she has a credit card bill that needs to be paid? Citi just simplified her life with the online payment option. Of course. That’s just what we need while we replace broken keyboards and pay for parking fines.


#5/ Deal Hall of Fame™ – Sal Durante | Catching History presented by BankAmeriDeals®

Bank of America

Sal Durante, a diehard baseball fan didn’t just catch a baseball; he caught the deal of a lifetime. The video posted shows how a series of events changed Sal Durante’s life. The story is wonderful but it’s a fantastically contrived effort by Bank of America to tack on their marketing campaign at the end. The effect is so jarring that the viewer is left going, “hold on, what?!”. The video received 10,353 new views in 24 hours.


It’s important to remember that these brands are getting tens or even hundreds of thousands of viewers every day. Once the video is produced and uploaded to YouTube, it costs the brand nothing when someone views the video. By contrast, advertising during a prime time TV show doesn’t guarantee viewers and has a huge cost associated with it.


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