Week 21 Top Viral Brand Videos- A combination of Acer Laptops and a world upside down with Fanta


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

The Top 5 viral brand videos of the week seem to be targeted towards the younger audience with a music based theme. Only the first video is around 3 minutes long while the others are not longer than 30 seconds.

#1/ Трансформер Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook. С диджеем Tiësto

Video Growth Rate Acer

What happens when you mix a geek who looks like an accident waiting to happen, sick beats, amazing technology and a great DJ? A viral video seems to be the result. In the video, Acer shows off its new tablet, the P3 Ultrabook which has an intuitive UI, powerful hardware and amazing features which help Tiesto’s assistant with his day to day challenges.

The video below is in English; however the video that went viral is the Russian version, which received 497,709 new views in 4 days. It seems to have appealed to a massive Russian audience. On the other hand, the English version has not done as well and has received a total of 167,106 views. More geeks are found in Russia?


#2/ Νέα Fanta Ροδάκινο – Βερύκοκο TV Commercial 2013 (Greece)

Video Growth Rate Fanta

The video below is part of Fanta’s global campaign with animated people. In this video, a sip of Fanta promises to turn your world upside down, give you radical skateboard skills and make you a mean lean dancing machine. The video posted above received 158,811 new views in just 2 days. The video probably made so many views as a result of sponsored promotions.


#3/ Vinyl – Carrie Brownstein – Prepaid Card – American Express

Video Growth Rate American Express

An audiophile will tell you that a vinyl record is the medium that stores the personality of a song and makes each song an experience. Carrie Brownstein, the famous American indie rock star, apparently a great fan of vinyl records is seen biting into the vinyl at the record store so she can pay less for it. What she doesn’t know is that she could use an American Express Debit card and budget her expenditure. The video received 653,561 views in 3 days.


#4/ Dasani Drops- Flavor Montage

Video Growth Rate Dasani- Flavor Montage

Colorful, fresh, young; the video is exactly like the product is described to be. With peppy music to support them, the glamorous people draw you in to the ad. The Dasani drops can elevate normal water to a fancy drink and all that with no calories. However, it’s the colors, music and people that convey a lot more about the product than the product shots themselves.Now isn’t that a drop to delicious?


#5/ Galaxy S4- Boarding

Video Growth Rate Samsung Galaxy S4

How much attention will you get with the new Galaxy S4? More than you can handle, that’s for sure! The new ad for the S4 smartly intertwines smart humor with the smart features of a, well, smartphone. In the boarding lounge a man watching a video on his new Galaxy S4 gets flooded with questions, requests and appreciation from the people around. With more than three million views in just 4 days the video is as big a hit amongst audiences as is the phone. It’s interesting to note that the fifth position of last week’s viral videos was occupied by a video about the Galaxy S4.


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