Week 20 Top Viral Brand Videos – AK Bank’s doggy credit card and Granny’s crannies


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

The top 5 videos of the week came from an assortment of brands. The humorous theme of the top three videos give credence to the fact that funny videos get more views. The average length of these videos are just half a minute and reinforces the fact that to be relevant on YouTube, you need to be short and concise.

#1/ Nuri ve Şef için akıllı alışveriş dönemi başlıyor

AK Banks Viral Video

In a Series of comic events, a calamitous ponytailed man has stumbled upon another inconvenient situation. His dog has swallowed the credit card, and an operation might be required to get it out. He soon finds that the card functions even from within the dog. The dog now begins to swap his paw to make every payment. This video promoting the services of AK Bank based in Turkey and has generated over 170,000 views in the last 7 days.

#2/ Granny VS Crannies: Laser

Cadbury's Cranberry Chocolate Viral Video

“Cranberries are hard to get” is the new campaign by Cadbury. Using a series of hilarious cartoons, a stubborn, but able, grandmother goes through a series of trials and challenges to obtain a basket of cranberries. Jumping from an airplane, wearing laser detecting spy glasses and getting slung from a slingshot are just a few things this dedicated grandmother goes through to get herself some cranberries. However, the moral of the story is that she could have saved herself time and injury and just purchased the new Cadbury Cranberry flavored chocolate.

#3/ Sprite – Graffiti fail!

Sprite Graffiti Viral Video

Running through the shadows with speed and agility, avoiding detection, it’s the perfect set up for representatives of the free world, except it all ends with an epic FAIL. In the video, an anti-social of the night commits the newbie mistake of pointing the spray can towards himself causing some viewers to fall off their chairs laughing(including me). “Even rebels need experience” is what Sprite communicates to the viewers.


#4/ Levi’s and Liberty London Unite

Levi's Beetle Viral Video

The fun and the classy unite to give birth to a blast of something very new. The key elements of the video, the two cars, are perfect demonstrations of the two brands. A colourful “happy” Beatle plays Levi’s whereas a classy black Hackney cab play Liberty London. The joining together of the two cars which meet halfway is a metaphor of the union of Levi’s and Liberty London. The video ends with both the cars travelling together, much like a newly married couple.


#5/ Samsung Galaxy S4 – Quick Look – Telstra Mobile

Telstra Viral Video

Telstra believed the features of the phone were hero enough to woo the viewer; the strategy has definitely worked. Following the track of regular mobile phone ads, the video sticks to the basics. The market hype for the newly released phone reflects in the number of views it achieved: over 13,000 in the last 7 days. Like the title says, the video really is a “quick look” into the Galaxy S4


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