Week 2 Top Viral Brand Videos – No One Can Beat Mom & Dad


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 4 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

While special offers continuing from the festive season still tend to attract users, there are also videos that come with New Year messages and resolutions that are attracting viewers. Brands have captured on positive themes like pro-nature products and Sharing Everything as campaigns for the start of this year.

#1/ Coca-Cola Argentina, Each bottle has a future

Coca Cola has been a regular fixture in our weekly roundup of top viral brand videos. They use a single account to post all their region and language specific videos, where other brands choose to have country specific YouTube accounts. According to a colleague who speaks better Spanish than I do (which is limited to “dos grande cerveza, por favor”), this video from Argentina explains how plastic bottles can be recycled.

Coca Cola Argentina Viral Video

Launched on the 24th November, it’s only very recently that this video gained traction and gained over 366,409 views. This could be largely thanks to the promotion of the video on Coca Cola’s Argentinian website under its sustainability program. It also got 19 comments and 54 likes, showing that even though the content is rather dry, it has still struck a chord with people.


#2/ Verizon, Holiday LG Spectrum 2 Smartphone Offer

Is there any greater rivalry than that of sibling rivalry? This ad from Verizon taps in to the oneupmanship between brothers of all ages as they compete to build the best snowman. It’s a great video to share as I’m sure most of the population can relate to what’s going on and the fact that Verizon has so cleverly tied in their data sharing plan means the marketing department deserves a huge amount of credit.

Verizon Wireless Spectrum Ad

Verizon’s holiday advertisement first aired on December 26th with the offer of an LG Spectrum 2 smartphone at a heavily discounted price of $49.99. So far, the video has been viewed 91,141 times and commented upon and liked by 9 users. It seems that the Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky soundtrack to the ad has won more attention than the actual offer though! And people say that culture is dead. This 31 seconds video promoting Verizon’s ‘Share Everything Plan’ shows Verizon users sharing data and unlimited talk and text with their family.


#3/ Scotiabank Canada, Teammates

There is a saying that goes “health is wealth”. I don’t subscribe that though. Wealth is a big fat bank account. ScotiaBank, one of Canada’s largest banks, believes that people are richer than they think, but have defined rich as being a non-monetary metric. In this video, ScotiaBank is doing a little bit of a branding exercise by showcasing all the hockey teams that they support across Canada, without even mentioning their banking services. The 32 second video was uploaded nearly a month ago on the 19th December, but it’s only in the last week the video has gone viral.

Scotiabank Teamates Viral Video

Perhaps the teams featured in the video started sharing it with their friends and family. ScotiaBank says that by being part of a team you are part of something for which you can’t put a value on, hence you are “richer than you think”. The video has been viewed nearly 25,000 times at the time of writing but ScotiaBank appear to be fearful of opening a discussion as they have removed the option to Like and comment on the video.


#4/ Verizon, Holiday LG Lucid Smartphone Offer

Verizon was on a roll this week with a second video in the top 5. Perhaps an indication of how well the sibling rivalry connected with viewers, this is the same video with the same content as the second placed video, but with a different offer at the end.

Verizon Wireless Luid ad goes viral

Once again, people are more interested about the soundtrack to the advert rather than the offer itself, most of the 14 comments are asking what the song is. The final offer is for a free LG Lucid smartphone with the data plan which might be a reason why it has slightly higher viewing figures than the LG Spectrum ad.


#5/ Transaero Russia, Results in 2012

The last video to make it to the Top 5 of this week was a Russian airline video. I doubt they played this on TV otherwise it might be a contender for most boring advert ever. This 1:38 minute video uploaded on Jan 1 by Transareo Airlines is a review of their 2012 performance and a look at all the destinations and planes that they operate. So far it has had 45,970 views and 11 likes.

Transaero 2012 review viral video

Interestingly, the video makes specific references to it’s Facebook page and highlights its community of 25,000 fans. This is interesting because in Russia, Facebook is not the number one social network, so I’m curious as to why they referenced it instead of Vkontakte.

It has been a very mixed week this week with advertisements from different parts of the world and in different languages making it to the top five. It just goes to show that YouTube is a global network and not constrained to a particular market.


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