Unmetric’s Unquiz Thrills at SMW Mumbai


Peter Claridge

September 29, 2014 4 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

smw-mumbai-1On Friday evening Unmetric lined up a star studded panel for Social Media Week Mumbai. Comprising the best minds in social media with a little bit of glamour from Bollywood, the panel session took the form of a quiz, but this being Unmetric, there was a little ‘un ‘ about it, so it aptly became named the Unquiz.

At too many social media conferences, there is a speaker (or group of panelists) on stage talking at the audience, very reminiscent of the traditional mass media approach where brands are having a one to many, one way conversation. We wanted to put a different spin on it, this is social media after all, a chaotic democracy where everyone has a voice and so the Unquiz was born.

Oh, there was also swag up for grabs.

The five panelists were Karthik Nagarajan, Social Media & Digital Insights Director at GroupM, Venke Sharma, VP Digital Marketing at StarTV, Sanjay Tripathy, Senior VP Marketing, Product & Digital at HDFC Life, Yu Yu Din, Head Digital Strategist at Genesis Burson-Marsteller and Milind Soman, a social causes ambassador, founder of Pinkathon and an actor & model.

The audience was equally divided into teams with the panelists joining the crowd to become team captains for one of the teams. Near chaos began right from the beginning as the teams fought over who was going to get Milind as their team captain!

Multiple choice questions were read out and the teams each had 30 seconds to confer and guess the correct answer. Eight questions down and we were in a tie with Venke’s team and Karthik’s team on 5 points each, and so they entered a sudden death round where there could only be one winning team.

Nails were bitten, tension filled the air and blood pressures rose as both Karthik and Venke kept getting the correct answers but in the eleventh round Karthik finally broke and Venke went on to win the Unquiz for his team.

But the show didn’t end there.

The winning team was called forward and while they were comrades and team mates moments earlier, now it was each person for themselves. Quick fire questions were asked to test their social media chops. How many seconds can a Facebook video ad be? Name the social network that lets you select a gender neutral identity? Which social network just introduced Gift Feeds? Soon 50 people became 5 until we ended up with two runners up and an overall champion, the social media ninja of Mumbai.





After such an action packed session that saw the entire audience get involved, we were naturally eager to find out the impact it had had on Unmetric’s social presence. The chart below shows that the hashtag #unquiz was used over 300 times on the day of the session and helped us to score a growth rate more than double what other companies in our sector saw.


While the Unquiz was clearly the highlight of the whole week (although we might be biased when we say that!) there were plenty of other great sessions that happened. For many, the final session of the event was the funniest, with Bollywood actors Huma Qureshi and Ritesh Deshmukh taking on comedy kings Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba and Rohan Joshi of All India Bakchod. Tanmay in particular brought the house down with his wry take on Bollywood, politics and the art of trolling.

Here’s what Unmetric’s Vikas Bysani’s takeaway was from that session.

The dynamics between celebrities and their trolls is actually quite complicated. Although anyone can be a troll, it takes a good one to be noticed and there is a thin line between being funny and everything else. Social media has decreased the space between trolls and celebrities and both parties have to be much more clever about what they say or what they do.

Another one of our team members, Martin, couldn’t decide on the best session, but the Buzzfeed panel was really interesting and gave insight on the fact that not all the headlines on Buzzfeed are click-bait.

“Scott Lamb and Rega Jha from Buzzfeed India gave an interesting perspective on the art and science of sharing on social. They talked about how Buzzfeed, despite being known for posting lots of cat gifs, saw increasing traffic to their long form content because of the trust built over time. Scott Lamb emphasized how data and creativity can go together to figure out what stuff people are interested to read and share online. Rega Jha talked about the quality of the content produced and said that ‘you can trick people to click, but you can never trick them to share’. Unless, the content is of good quality and useful, they will never be shared online.

The Panel discussion on ‘Social: From Marketer’s Agenda to a larger Organizational Agenda‘ was quite interesting to see how social affects all departments in an organization apart from Marketing. We heard of examples of product innovations happening through data gained from social media. Also there were examples of how the customer service departments have internalized social media in a big way. The discussion concluded that social media will eventually become an essential part of all departments and that organizations should get ready for this change to compete better in the marketplace that’s evolving rapidly.”

We were thrilled to be a part of SMW Mumbai and look forward to being back again in February 2015!

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