Unmetric’s Cleaner, Simpler User Interface Streamlines Navigation and Increases User Productivity


Aditi Raghavan

August 22, 2014 2 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

The Japanese word Kaizen means “good change” and is commonly used in business to symbolize the cycle of continuous improvement. At Unmetric, we love and embrace the idea that consistent incremental changes over time can yield larger positive outcomes…

Unmetric’s design and UX teams have been hard at work, plugging away on small improvements across various UI elements. Today, after months of gathering important client feedback, running extensive tests and tweaking design elements, we’re excited to unveil the final result of all of our efforts!


Our mission is–and always will be simple: provide brands and agencies with social media competitive intelligence that allows them to plan better content. Our goal with this new UI was just as simple: refining certain elements and creating new ones to deliver an intuitive interface that preserves our platform’s familiar features and benefits.

Key improvements to the platform include:


  • Refreshed landing page provides instant navigation to the social network of choice

  • At-a-glance metrics displayed in list view for easy comparison and competitive insights

  • Drop-down menu allows seamless movement between social networks

  • Cleaner more expansive graphs and charts improve data visualization

  • Progress bar gives visual idea of how long it will take for requested data to load

  • Responsive design compatible with Tablet devices

Key Functions

  • Drop-down allows on-the-fly customized benchmarking against brands in any sector

  • Single-click exporting of all brand comparison data to Excel

  • Pop-up for adding brands and a “remove all” feature eliminate manual adding/deleting

  • Global time zone selection provides insights on best time of day to post social content

  • Users can compare where fans are from geographically against competitors for more targeted social marketing

  • Users can view data from past 7 days, week, 30 days, month or custom period

The entire Unmetric team is proud of the new UI (and our Beta users loved it too), but this is just the start. In the spirit of Kaizen, we’ll continue to work hard and improve to provide the most efficient and intuitive experience possible as the social media landscape continues to shift and evolve.

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