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Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 4 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

The Unmetric engineering team is always hard at work improving our platform. Whether it’s tweaking the features or providing incremental changes, the platform is constantly evolving. We are very receptive to feedback from clients and people on trial accounts to ensure that big brands get the best possible information with the most insightful data.

For our first time users, we’ve completely reworked the tutorial, making it even easier to be pro users from the get go. It’s short. It’s brief. And it covers everything you need to know to start benchmarking your brand and gain competitive intelligence on social media.

Viral Videos

Our YouTube page now lets you browse the latest videos that are going viral. This not just enables you to be on top of the competition but you’ll probably know when your competitors’ videos go viral before they do. As soon as a video’s views start increasing at a different from normal rate, we’ll shoot you a heads-up email to let you know what’s going on.

Your Three Brand Baskets

Unmetric has always let users put brands into the Closely Monitor, Sometimes Monitor and Rarely Monitor baskets. Some brands may want to monitor their direct competitors, non-direct competitors and keep a social eye on brands that are doing a good job in social media. To make it easier for our users, we have redesigned the Add Brand pop-up page. You are now able to choose under which basket you wish to add a brand.

Profile Searcher

A new way of filtering based on demographics has been introduced for brands under Facebook. You can now filter brands on the basis of age, gender as well as relationship status on Facebook. Find the brands that are targeting the same audience as you so that you can keep tabs on their social media strategy.

Introducing Timeline

Love it or loathe it, Facebook has made the new Timeline compulsory for all users and brands. As we reported a few months ago, brands are going to great lengths to create awesome cover photos. Never be outdone again when it comes to creativity by keeping tabs on when your competitors are uploading new cover photos.

Engagement & Average Reply Times on Facebook

Another feature that has been requested by clients is the ability to see what the fans are posting on Facebook pages and some metrics around that. We’ve now split the engagement menu into Admin and Fan posts with specific metrics for each type.

The Engagement Fan Posts tab incorporates the all new Admin reply metrics. You can now see how many posts the Admin responded to and how long it took for them to respond. How well are you replying to your fans compared to your competitors? Should you be replying to every fan post?

Similarly, you can track ARTs using the Comparison tool as well.

Enhanced Twitter Replies tab

Facebook isn’t the only thing that got reworked. Twitter too gets an enhanced Replies tab under both Analysis and Comparison tools. Users now get to see a break up of Admin replies to customers.Unmetric Scores Now Colour Coded

It’s a small UX change, but an important one, to differentiate our Unmetric Scores. We wanted to make it clearer that we give an individual Unmetric Score to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube each. The score cards are now colour coded based on the social network.

Speaking of changes, the Leaderboards for both Facebook and Twitter have been redesigned; YouTube now gets additional graphs to show uploads and video length.

Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new features. There’s a big clue in the main platform menu as to what’s next!

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