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Unmetric joins the Falcon &
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Lux Narayan

October 25, 2019 4 min read

Updated on October 25, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce that Unmetric has joined the Falcon.io & Cision family.

Falcon.io, a subsidiary of Cision, is a leading player in the social media space, providing its global customer base with a platform to manage their social media listening, engaging, and publishing requirements.

This is great news for customers of both Unmetric and Falcon.

Unmetric’s customers have the option to access a world-class social media management platform, while Falcon’s customers will have the option to add crucial benchmarking and competitive intelligence to their existing package.

In 2011, we set out to elevate the way marketers create and analyze their social media strategies. It began when I was at my previous company in the enterprise peer-to-peer data backup space. The challenge: No one was excited to learn more about IT solutions on social media where cat videos dominated.

Determined to figure out how to make social media work for the company, I began tracking other B2B brands at the time and recording my findings in an Excel sheet. This helped me craft a content strategy, the pinnacle of which was the publishing of a parody rap video entitled Cloud, Cloud, Baby.

As I talked to my peers, I realized that there was a desperate need in the industry for something to automate the competitor tracking and benchmarking that I was doing manually. From this, Unmetric was born.

We started out as The Social Media Benchmarking Company, and our homepage looked like this:

unmetric website in 2011

Social media is still a nascent industry, but it has gone through so many evolutions just in the eight years Unmetric has been around. In 2012, it was a free lunch for any brand that had a presence. For some big-name brands like Coca-Cola, social media wasn’t even on their radar and the biggest community about Coke was run by a loose network of happy customers.

Brands were concerned about things like audience sizes and how fast they were growing their communities. Unmetric was a pioneer back then with metrics that today have become industry standard such as average reply time and response rate to user tweets.

unmetric product in 2012

Pictured above: The Unmetric platform in 2012

The IPOs of Facebook in mid-2012 and Twitter in 2013 was the beginning of the shift from social being a niche channel to social being the new mass-media channel that all brand campaigns were run through.

Now that the social networks were answerable to Wall Street, the free lunch was removed and brands were expected to pay for play.

This started a mad scramble amongst brands to figure out budgets for social media and it all started with data. Once again, Unmetric was at the forefront of this shift by introducing promoted post detection, an algorithm that could detect whether a post had been boosted on social media.

promoted post detection by unmetric

Suddenly, marketers could determine with confidence what kind of paid social strategy their competitors were following.

Today, we continue to create features that make the marketer’s life easier and develop algorithms that reduce the time to insight. There’s a massive data haystack out there. We help marketers find those insight needles that mean they can build a better social media strategy.

outlier detection by unmetric

We like to say that no brand competes in a vacuum. The same could be said for the modern marketing team. No marketing team operates in a vacuum. The analysts, the creatives, the producers, the doers, the strategists, the management, they all need to talk, collaborate, and have insight into what’s happening.

The evolution has meant that more than ever, marketing teams need holistic software solutions that provide full visibility into the day to day marketing operations. Since social media is the main medium of public distribution today, it makes sense to build a platform around that.

Unmetric has created a best-of-breed social media intelligence and benchmarking platform for brands. Falcon.io has created a world-leading social media management platform. By joining forces and providing an end-to-end workflow, we are better able to achieve our mission of helping marketers create better social media content.

By joining the Falcon.io family, customers will get the missing piece of the social media puzzle. Users will be able to listen to what the audience is saying about their brand, ideate new content and campaign ideas, upload content, get approvals, publish across social networks, respond to customers, evaluate and measure the performance of the content, and report on that performance to management and clients.

I think we’ve found the perfect home within the Falcon.io family and I can’t wait to deliver the incredible benefits our combined platforms can deliver to marketers.

It’s been the most incredible journey for me these last eight years and I’m excited about what the future will hold, not just for Unmetric and Falcon.io, but for the entire social media community.

I can’t wait to be able to update you on the next chapter of Unmetric.

Stay well,

Lux Narayan

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