Unmetric is One of the Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2016!


Ranjani Raghupathi

February 12, 2016 2 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017


This gif is an exact representation of how Aishwarya, Martin, Peter and I (Ranjani) a.k.a the Marketing team at Unmetric feel right now. We were just named one of the top 10 social media blogs of 2016 by Social Media Examiner!


20 finalists were chosen a few weeks back from 300 nominees. The winners were picked by a formidable panel consisting of  Ann Handley, Darren Rowse and Neal Schaffer.

Although we’re sad there won’t be an Oscar style award ceremony (we had our speeches prepared and practiced with shampoo bottles), we’re thrilled to be featured in a star studded list with all the names we admire like Buffer, Razor Social and Rebekah Radice.

We’re extremely honored, elated and all other adjectives that imply joy. We also know this means we’re going to have to work harder and put out even better content. Which is why we’re keeping it real and getting to work (hell we wrote a blog about being one of the top blogs!)


We love creating content that’s insightful and actionable. Our blog has and will continue to be about brands, ad campaigns, strategies and all things social media marketing. If you’d like to get our content delivered on a silver platter to your inbox, subscribe to our blog here:

One more celebratory gif before we sign off:


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