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Unmetric integrates competitive intelligence and benchmarking into Hootsuite


Peter Claridge

June 5, 2019 2 min read

Updated on September 17, 2019

What would happen if the leaders in social media management and social media competitive intelligence were to team up?

Answer: Hootsuite’s 18 million customers have the option to access Unmetric’s competitive intelligence and benchmarking data from directly within the Hootsuite platform.

Starting from today, when Hootsuite’s Impact, Enterprise, and Business Plan customers click on Analytics, the option to add Unmetric’s competitive intelligence will be offered.

add unmetric

Using Unmetric’s powerful AI, Xia, Hootsuite users will be able to get a complete picture of the historical and current performance of relevant brand content to help inform their social strategies.

Users will be able to access competitive intelligence and benchmarks on five brands across three social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Metrics such as audience sizes and growth rates, interactions by type and customer service response times will be available to all users that opt to have competitive analytics in their Hootsuite account.

unmetric hootsuite integration

Premium users get even more metrics such as promoted post detection, estimated reach and impressions, detailed interaction types such as Reactions and Comments, plus historical access on the profiles.

Premium users will also get a feed of all competitor content within the Hootsuite platform so that they can do all of their social media management in one place.

We see this integration as a great way for Hootsuite’s customers to boost efficiency and allow social media analysts to provide deep competitive insights for their team.

Unmetric helps cut through the noise of social media, focusing on brand signals and measuring how their audiences react.

Read the full joint press release here.

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