Unmetric Gets Localized Facebook Metrics and Custom Sectors


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

When Facebook announced their global pages for global brands, they opened up access to a whole range of really cool localized data. For the big brands that Unmetric serves, this is a gold mine of insights as they can finally uncover where fans are from and which country is most engaged (or in love?) with any brand in the world. We’ve also added the ability to add custom sectors so clients can create benchmarks around the brands that matter to them. There’s more innovations in the pipeline, you’ll get to know about it first on this blog.

Custom Sectors

Now you can create your very own customized sector and unleash Unmetric’s awesome analytics on the brands that matter to you. This feature enables you to group brands from any sector into a single, custom sector and get benchmark and competitive intelligence only against those brands. For example, if you compete in the fast food business, you might only want to benchmark your brand against other pizza brands or if you have a personal care product, you might only want to benchmark your performance against other female beauty products.

Create Custom Micro Sectors on Unmetric

Now, you can analyze, benchmark and compete with the brands that matter to you in your own customized sector of brands that you’ve added. The data rich content of the Insights and the Leader Boards section will contain information unique to the custom sector that has been created as shown below:

Building custom sectors on Unmetric

You can create upto 10 custom sectors, only 3 of which will be active at a time. This feature will come in handy for businesses and agencies that monitor brands from multiple sectors.

Create custom sectors on Unmetric

Localized Metrics:

Global brands can now know the distribution of their fan base across countries using Unmetric’s localized metrics.
This feature helps a brand to not just know the number of fans in different countries but also discover how well those fans are engaging. The chart below shows a break down of which country fans come from and how many are from each country.

Localized Facebook Metrics

You can drill down further by clicking on the bars to see the country-wise trends of key metrics like Fan Growth Rate and Number Talking About the brand as shown below:

Discover where your fans come from

Localized metrics helps a brand to understand its fan base across geographies and provides key market insights and helps in tailoring relevant content for their fan base.

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