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Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 4 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

Unmetric has released a new update to the application that adds new features that give you more benchmarking information than ever before.

First up is the incorporation of Facebook’s new “Talking About This” metric. This metric was introduced by Facebook to give brand managers some idea of how well they are engaging with the community and is a more useful benchmark than simply looking at the number of page fans. You’ll find this new data in the Fans page under Detailed Analytics for the brand.

The screenshot below shows the Facebook fan growth of Delta airlines along with the percentage of people who are engaging with the page either by posting a comment or liking something. The date range is 30 days which gives a good idea of how engagement is changing over time.

Facebook's Talking About This Metric

As you can see in the screenshot above, the number of people talking about Delta ranges between 1.1% and 1.7%. So what’s the benchmark percentage in the airline industry for getting people to talk about them on their Facebook page? Are they doing a good job? How does this compare with other airlines?

This data is now available from the Comparison option under the Conversations tab and we can see from the screenshot below that although Delta have the most number of fans, their engagement levels are lagging far behind their Middle Eastern competitors who have far less fans but seem to be getting people to engage with them better.

Comparison of People Talking About Facebook Content

An age old problem (well, at least since brands figured out how to leverage Facebook to get people talking about their brands) is: what is the best time of day to post your content to get the maximum number of people talking about it? Now, in our new release you can not only find out what day of the week your competitors post on the most but also what time of day.

Keeping with our analysis of Delta Airlines using our new features, we can see that they have been posting most often on Wednesdays in the last 30 days.

Days on which content is posted to Facebook

One thing that immediately jumps out at us is that Delta are posting least on Tuesdays but they get the highest engagement scores on that day so let’s take a look at what time they are posting, shown in the screenshot below.

Time of day posts

Now we can immediately see that they are posting all their Tuesday content between 3pm and 6pm US Eastern time and when you click on the bar graph it brings up a popup window which shows you all the posts that were posted on Tuesdays in the last 30 days.

All Facebook posts made on Tuesdays

It looks like Delta have a regular question going out to all their fans on a Tuesday asking them where they are traveling to and it drives a huge amount of high quality engagement with more comments than Likes which is quite unusual.

The next improvement we’ve made is to split up the Content tab in to two new sections. One is called Post-ology which delves in to the type of posts made by the page admin and the other is Words-worth which uses state of the art NLP algorithms that tries to make sense of the content that is being posted by identifying the keywords and phrases.

In Post-ology we have merged the two old graphs in to one by adding the engagement score to the right hand Y-Axis so you can now see the content type and the engagement score side by side to get a better idea of what type of information is motivating people to engage with the brand.

Delta appear to be overwhelmingly posting brand related content and we can drill down to find out exactly what kind of brand content they are posting.

Content that is driving engagement

What caught our eye is that they have posted something in ‘others’ but it’s got the best average engagement score compared to all the other content so by clicking on the graph we can discover just what they posted to cause so many people to Like and comment on it.

Facebook post with lots of engagement

Ah, and there you have it, Delta have done a bit of name dropping with a link about a former US President and given it a call to action asking people to Like the content. It’s worked too because compared to other content they’ve posted this update has one of the highest levels of engagement. So here’s a top tip for you: You can get good engagement if you interview former presidents of the United States!

A number of other small improvements have been made too with some UI tweaks and bug fixes but the real meat and potatoes of the update is what we’ve talked about above. Unmetric is continuously evolving based on our user feedback so if you’d like to see a metric covered that we don’t already have or want some number crunching done in a different way, let us know and we’ll see how we can integrate it in to the app.

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