Unmetric Adds New Charts & Downloadable Reports


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 2 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

We are delighted to announce that the Unmetric platform has just been updated to include all new downloadable reports. This is one feature that many customers have been requesting and we are thrilled to say it is now part of our platform. We have migrated the charting system from Google Charts to High Charts which has given us the ability to offer not just downloadable Excel reports but customers will also be able to save the charts as images.

High Charts might look fancy, but underneath it’s just some Javascript code that makes it work like a slick Flash interface with animations and labels. This means that the Unmetric platform can be used on devices that don’t support Flash like the Apple iPad, smartphones and yep, it’ll even play nice with Internet Explorer (although we recommend that you upgrade to a proper browser if you are using IE).

You’ll have the ability to save the charts in a variety of formats, so it’s really a case of whatever works best for you!

High Charts Unmetric Screenshot

You’ll now be able to export all the data that you see on the chart to an Excel file so you can repurpose or reformat the information as you require. This is perfect if you want to create your own charts or combine data from other sources to build up a picture of your social media efforts. The download is compatible with Excel and many other spreadsheet programs.

Highcharts Unmetric Excel Export

If you want to insert the graph in to a report or PowerPoint presentation then the process is as simple as selecting the type of image you want and then saving it to your desktop. Here’s a JPG image that I saved of Burger King’s posting schedule for April with the corresponding average engagement score.

Highchart unmetric jpg export

We’re looking to constantly update and improve our platform and hope that this update goes a long way towards helping you meet your social media goals. We’d love to hear any feedback you might have or suggestions for features you’d like to see.

There is another BIG update planned for early next month, we can’t wait to show it to you so stay tuned and watch this space!

To request your free trial, head over to the signup page and you’ll be notified by email when your request has been approved.

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