champions league finals on social media

UEFA Champions League Final on Social Media


Darsana Vijay

May 27, 2016 2 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017

The finals are finally here! Before Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid battle it out on the field, I thought it would be fun to see which team would win the cup on social media. I added both teams’ social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram onto my Unmetric platform and soon I had access to their posts as well as the corresponding engagement stats. Fun as the exercise was, I have to say that it is really difficult to point out a clear winner – they both do such a good job!

I analyzed how both teams did on the three social media networks in the last 30 days and these are the key findings :

  • It’s Real Madrid all the way on Facebook with the team page leading in number of Fans, number of posts and engagement. That said, Atletico did have a greater Fan growth rate than Real Madrid.
  • Twitter favors Atletico Madrid which has the greater volume of tweets and follower growth. Real Madrid has more fans than Atletico and receives more favorites on its tweets. However, Atletico leads on replies, retweets and mentions, and consequently in engagement.
  • Real Madrid has the edge on Instagram with more followers, posts, likes and comments. The team receives greater engagement than Atletico on Instagram.

You can look at the following slideshare for detailed social media metrics on both teams.

UEFA Champions League Finals – Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid on Social Media from Unmetric
The game online can go either way, with Atletico Madrid showing great potential in terms of follower growth rate even though Real Madrid seems to have a committed Fan-following.  As they say, may the better team win. Either way, it is going to be an exciting match to watch.

From all of us here at Unmetric, we wish both teams all the very best for the finals.

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