An Unmetric Milestone: Joining the Elite Ranks of Twitter Certified Products


Rick Liebling

August 8, 2014 2 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

Yesterday we made the formal announcement regarding our inclusion as a Twitter Certified Product. I wanted to follow up on that post with a more personal take…

As a social media analytics company operating in the emergent age of ‘smart data,’ our clients, partners, team members and other stakeholders evaluate Unmetric on two important criteria. The first is the method, quality and depth of our data analytics and competitive intelligence. The second is our ability to build a thriving business around turning such ones and zeros into something useful.

Anyone who’s built a company from the ground up understands that dedication and belief in a singular mission are paramount to reaching important milestones that validate the business and move the company forward one step at a time. Every once in a while though, through hard work, businesses take a giant leap forward in a single bound. For Unmetric, yesterday was one of those days.

We’re thrilled to have secured a spot in the exclusive Twitter Certified Products Program. Membership among this elite group of companies designates Unmetric as an exceptional product that enables businesses to achieve greater Twitter success based on criteria such as measurement and reach, ad management, audience engagement, and content creation.

In order to give us this distinction, Twitter took us through an extensive evaluation process in an effort to ensure we offer a product that can best serve the needs of businesses. They looked at our platform functionality, technical capabilities, customer references–and perhaps most importantly–our methodology based on the core belief that companies derive the best insights from data when humans are involved on both the data provider and data recipient side.

The value and potential that Twitter holds for companies to actively engage with brand advocates and reach new customers only continues to grow. However, companies need access to data that goes beyond simply measuring followers; they need metrics that provide deeper strategic insights, which in turn helps them plan better content and make smarter business decisions. This is unequivocally what we strive for every day, and Twitter believes that our platform and process will help businesses get that done.

It’s important to note that recognitions such as this don’t just happen. The honor of Unmetric being a Twitter Certified Product is the result of a unified team working hard to create and deliver the best possible product and service. And…here’s the beautiful part: we’re just getting started. In the words of entrepreneur, author and speaker Harvey Mackay: “A great accomplishment shouldn’t be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward.”

Armed, energized and as focused as ever, onward we go.

Lux Narayan, CEO

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