Top Home Appliance Brands On Social Media Q4 2015


Ranjani Raghupathi

February 19, 2016 2 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017


As non-sexy as it seems, the home appliance industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that cannot be ignored. Not only do thousands of brands compete to make it into your home, we at Unmetric tracked over 1,250 social profiles that are trying to get their content on to your newsfeed.

In this report, we looked at the performance of top home appliance brands like Cuisinart, Crockpot Slow Cooker, Nespresso and others on Facebook. We found that Electrolux was able to engage their community the best even though Samsung received the most Likes. However, Cuisinart was the one to recieve maximum love from their community since they got the highest amount of positive sentintment – 65%.

Now that we know which brands perform the best in the industry, we took a deeper dive to see what they’re doing across social networks.
In the last quarter, Samsung added 35,000 new fans, published 55 Facebook posts, ran a highly engaging #HowWeHoliday campaign and a lot more. Their  consistency makes their strategy a winner. Here is a detailed report of their performance on Facebook and Twitter.


With an amazing response rate of 54% and innovative content, Electrolux was able to engage their fans well above the industry average. This report is a summary of their performance on Facebook and Twitter.

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