Top 5 Viral Brand Videos This Week: The Ladies Go Gaga For AT&T’s Luke Perry Ad


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

As Mr. Gangnam Style has recently proved with his 1bn views, there is no better place than YouTube to gain worldwide exposure. In this new weekly series, Unmetric is going to give a run down of the previous week’s top five brand videos (that’s kinda important, try as they might, few brands can compete with Gaga’s monsters) that went viral. Unmetric measures the virality by view growth over a set period so it doesn’t matter when the video was uploaded or how many views it already has, we’re just interested in growth here.

Let’s kick it off then.

#1/ 212 VIP | Webshow season 2 | Episode 6

The most viral brand video from the last week came from 212 VIP, the perfume brand. This video, Episode 6 of the 212 VIP Web Season 2 had the highest growth rate among all YouTube videos in the last week. Uploaded on Dec 14, 2012, the 4:57 minute video has a total of 463,132 views, 15 comments and 21 likes while the channel itself has gained 2,225 subscribers at the time of writing. This Web Show portrays 8 VIP guests from among whom the viewers have to choose their favourite four. The participants in the game gain points for engaging their friends in this game through media like Facebook and the winner gets to have a party in New York. The web show is also actively promoted on their Facebook page and the promoting post has 3,470 likes and 69 comments so far. It is highly popular outside the US too. The 6th episode, which was in continuation with the 5th, had Evan from the US and Daniel from Brazil as the VIPs. The increased growth rate may also be seen as the popularity of the two VIPs hosted.

#2/ AT&T, Gift Money Can’t Buy – Luke Perry

AT&T with their hilarious ‘Gifts that money can’t buy‘ campaign starring American actor Luke Perry is Unmetric’s second most viral video this week with 78,438 views since its launch on December 13th. In tune with the Christmas season of gifting, this short sixteen second video has Luke Perry delivering the gift of a ‘longing look’ (no, really, check it out below) to anyone whom you chose to send the greeting to. Although it might be more appropriate to send socks to a family member than this video. The incentive to send this ‘longing look’ gift is to win an AT&T smartphone. The Luke Perry campaign on the Facebook page of AT&T has 54,220 likes, 1,208 shares and 2,295 comments. There’s either more Luke Perry fans out there than we thought or that smartphone must be really good.

#3/ Castrol EDGE Post-Game Interview

One for the gas guzzlers. Castrol Edge’s post–game interview video is another that has made cut into the top 5 viral videos for the last week. This tongue in cheek 1:38 minute video shows the triumph of Castrol Edge over competitor Mobil 1 in a grueling test that measures oil strength (seriously). Castrol Edge, which is also the official motor oil sponsor of the NFL, has launched this marketing campaign to prove its motor oil superiority through a series of online videos that mimic post-game interviews and celebrations. Castrol Edge has very cleverly leveraged its NFL sponsorship through this video and depicts how passionate they are at developing superior motor oils. Watch out for the cultural reference when a team member goes Gangnam Style.

#4/ Sprint, Animals With BOGO Offer

The second telecom brand to make the top 5 this week. Sprint’s video ad, featuring a buy one get one free offer on the fantastic Samsung Galaxy phones at Sprint stores or sprint.com/holidays has had 195,787 views since its launch on Dec 13, 2012. Why has it gone viral? It’s rocking out with festive singing cats and dogs. The Sprintnow YouTube channel has seen a video views growth rate of 2.7% in the last week compared to the 0.42% sector average.

#5/ Intel® Ultrabook™ Project, Sydney (#ruReady)

Kings of content creation and story telling, Intel’s UltraBook Project Sydney with its musical score #ruReady, forms part of their integrated content marketing for ultrabooks. Posted on October 11th, so far it has 375,512 views, 66 comments and a whopping 1,151 likes. With an exciting musical travelogue by the American artist, songwriter and all round cool dude, DJ William i.a.m, it features important people and places of interest in Sydney. The ad (which isn’t really an ad) has William i.a.m use his Intel powered Ultrabook system to create new music inspired by great cities and its people. The other cities featured in similar ads include Seoul, Tokyo and Mexico. The holiday season and rush of tourists to Sydney to enjoy the New Year coupled with the video’s electronic music is one of the reasons for its high popularity. The video is also actively promoted on Intel website and across their other social channels.

With the festive season continuing for another good two weeks, brands are bound to come up with more interesting videos on gifts, holidaying and contests. Another interesting week of videos awaits you!


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