The Social Media Stats Behind The 37 Cannes Lions Titanium Winners: Part 2


Peter Claridge

June 30, 2015 8 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

In the first part of this three part blog series we looked at the social media stats behind 13 winning campaigns from the Cannes Lions Titanium category. 

In this blog post we look at the next 12 campaigns that made the top 37 campaign winning list.

Smart Car: The Monster Smart Launch
Shortlist in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: BBDO Group Germany

Known as being the most stylish small car in the city, the Smart car decided to play off the rumors that their next model was going to see a dramatic increase in size. To fuel the fire, plenty of teaser material was created that showed a cartoonishly large version of the Smart car with features such as it being so big you can never lose it in car park. The company even conducted fake focus groups to ask people what they thought of the gigantic new car.

Although the fake teaser video did well on YouTube, attracting over 630,000 views, it really didn’t perform well on Facebook. When Smart introduced the video, the post barely managed to generate 100 interactions with just 84 Likes and 13 Shares.

Honda Europe: The Other Side
Shortlist in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

To highlight the fact that Honda’s new Civic had two sides to it, the car brand created two films that followed different narratives but with the same sequencing. Visitors going to a special website were shown a regular YouTube interface and what appeared to be a regular father picking up his daughters from school. But if the viewer pressed the R key (R for Type R, Honda’s souped up version of its cars), a whole different narrative played out of a theft. Releasing the R key takes the viewer back to the family narrative.

So perfectly synced are these two videos and the audio that you can create a different viewing experience each time you watch it.

The Other Side awaits you: www.hondatheotherside.com. We dare you to press ‘R’…  #TypeR

Posted by Honda UK on Thursday, October 30, 2014

The post above was Honda UK’s most engaging and shared content to be published on its Facebook page, generating 467 Shares and 299 Likes – proving that the ad was very shareable. The teaser ad on YouTube was released on the same day as the website and it generated over 4.1M views.

On Twitter, the hashtag #TypeR was used over 1,000 times by users.

Converse: Made By You
Shortlist in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: Anomaly

To celebrate its centenary, Converse launched the Made By You campaign. It wasn’t about selling shoes customized to each customer, but rather celebrating the customization that the customer does to the shoes.

The launch video earned nearly 3M views on YouTube. However, the campaign barely got off the ground on Facebook considering the brand has a fan-base of over 40M people. In the whole of March when the campaign was running, the brand only generated 375,000 interactions, the vast majority of which were Likes, which doesn’t help the brand generate much reach.

On Twitter, the campaign saw much more success. It launched with two major hashtags, #ChuckTaylor and #madebyyou. The #ChuckTaylor hashtag was used nearly 12,000 times by users while the #madebyyou hashtag was used over 1,200 times.


CBC: Abla Fahita
Shortlist in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Cairo

What started out as a character created for a Vodafone Egypt campaign has gone on to become a brand in its own right. The story of Abla Fahita since ‘she’ first appeared in 2013 couldn’t be made up. The puppet started life in a TV commercial, was accused of being a British spy and taken to court (yes, the puppet), appeared in a hit song with a top Egyptian solo artist and now has its own primetime TV show interviewing the rich and famous.

The puppet’s official Facebook page currently has over 2.2m Likes while over on Twitter it has over 360k followers. Consider for a moment that one of the West’s most famous puppets, Kermit the Frog, has just 1.8M Likes on its Facebook page and 25k followers on Twitter.

Always: Like a Girl
Titanium in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto

Working on the insight that when someone said “like a girl” it was usually as part of an insult, Always looked to change the meaning of this phrase and use it to empower girls and women. The campaign consisted of a three minute long video, updates on Facebook and effort went into replying to people on Twitter to spread the message.

On YouTube, the video generated 46M views in July 2014 and has gone on to generate another 12M views since then. Over 197,000 people have thumbed up the video on YouTube and it generated nearly 43,000 Comments.

On Twitter, the brand grew its Followers by over 180% during July 2014, going from 4,500 to 12,800 in 31 days. The #likeagirl hashtag was used over 500 times by Always and over 23,000 times by other users. For the 2015 Super Bowl, Always brought back the campaign which saw the hashtag get used 42,000 times in a single day and the total usage of the hashtag to 78,000.


Over on Facebook, the original post to launch the campaign saw over 55,000 Shares and 210,000 Likes, while over 4,500 people commented on the post.

Comcast: Emily’s Oz
Bronze in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners NY

To announce the launch of Xfinity’s new features to help visually impaired customers enjoy the Xfinity services, Comcast helped one young blind girl enjoy Alice in Wonderland in a whole new way. Comcast asked Emily to explain what she saw when she watched the film and then set about creating a real world version, right down to the Tin Man with giant toes and a tiny lion that walked on its paws.

To date the video has generated over 2.67M views on YouTube. On Facebook, the campaign spanned five posts which generated over 6,000 interactions, including 1,200 Shares. On Twitter, Xfinity used the hashtag #EmilysOz to promote the campaign, although one tweet went a little wonky when the community manager made a typo and used the hashtag #EmiiysOz (double i).

In total, Xfinity used the hashtag 46 times, mostly in replies to other people, but 19 tweets were proactive and those tweets received 26,900 Favorites and 13,000 Retweets in total. The hashtag itself was used over 17,000 times.


Burger King: Proud Whopper
Shortlist in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: David

To make a statement at the San Francisco Pride 2014 march, Burger King introduced a new Whopper with special packaging and called it the Proud Whopper. When the customers opened the packaging they found a message that said “We’re all the same inside”, neatly drawing parallels that even though the packaging was different, it was the same inside as before.

Although the campaign ran with the Proud Whopper title, Burger King actually chose to use the hashtag #beyourway which was part of a broader campaign which celebrates everyone’s individuality but more importantly highlighted the ways in which the Whopper could be customized.

The #beyourway hashtag was used nearly 27,000 times while the #proudwhopper, which wasn’t used by Burger King but by users who @-mentioned the brand, was used over 900 times. On YouTube, the Proud Whopper video has been viewed close to 5.5M times.


Domino’s: Emoji Ordering
Grand Prix in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: CP+B

Taking a cue from Amazon’s tweet to buy, Domino’s launched its Emoji Ordering campaign where people could order their favorite pizza simply by tweeting the pizza emoji to the @dominos Twitter handle. The pizza brand went a little crazy on May 12th when it announced the launch of Emoji Ordering, publishing multiple tweets with pizza emojis like this one:

On May 20th, Domino’s took the emoji ordering live. The actual tweet was a paid tweet by Domino’s, although it received less engagement than the teaser tweets. To help push the emoji ordering, Domino’s began replying to lots of tweets about the new ordering option. The chart below shows how the campaign drove plenty of mentions on the 12th and 20th May when the campaign was really pushed by Domino’s.


Hong Kong: Face of Litter
Shortlist in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Group Hong Kong

Despite steep fines and harsh punishments for littering, Hong Kong still faces an endemic litter problem. Determined to try and do something about it, The Face of Litter campaign started collecting litter and swabbing it to collect DNA from the person that dropped it (cigarettes, chewing gum, plastic bottles etc.).

Using a software called Snapshot, the scientists were able to recreate the faces of the litterers. The next step was to do a co-ordinated, city wide campaign with these computer generated faces based on the DNA samples. The fact that dropping litter could make you personally identifiable and the threat of being publicly shamed was enough to get people to stop littering.

The video about the campaign has attracted over 250,000 Views, an indication of how popular it’s been. The campaign organizers also believe that they were able to attract some 3.9M social engagements in the two weeks that it ran the campaign.

No Somos Delito: Holograms For Freedom
Shortlist in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: DDB Spain

Spain introduced a new gagging law that prevented protests outside important political institutions such as the Congress and banned protests that don’t have prior permission. To highlight the draconian law, Holograms For Freedom filmed people protesting in a warehouse and also asked people to upload their photos which were then turned into holograms. The holograms were then shown walking outside Spain’s Congress building. 17,857 people protested the law, but since no protesters were present, no one could be arrested, it was the first virtual protest.

The organizers believe the campaign reached a global audience of 800M people and an estimated 400M impressions on social media.

Volkswagen: Reduce Speed Dial
Shortlist in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: Colenso BBDO

Volkswagen wanted to make drivers more safe on the road and one way of doing that is to get them to slow down. Even a 10mph reduction from 30mph to 20mph can have a dramatic impact on the severity of any traffic incident.

To get people to slow down, Volkswagen asked the children of the family to write out the speedometer numbers and include a small message on the speedometer. These drawings were then turned into actual speedometers and installed in their parents’ cars. Volkswagen claims that the overall speed of the families that participated in this scheme, was reduced.

The video on YouTube earned Volkswagen NZ 145,000 Views and is almost twice as popular as any other video it has uploaded.

Elan: Taste the Translation
Shortlist in the Titanium & Integrated category
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

Elan Languages is a translation tool based in Belgium. The problem was that everyone went to Google to translate what they needed, even though the results were sometimes dubious to say the least. To highlight Elan’s translation capabilities, they selected a Japanese recipe and followed the instructions according to the translation and asked volunteers which dish they preferred, the Elan translated one or the Google translated one.

The campaign didn’t see too much traction on social media, the main video received less than 5,000 views on YouTube. The brand shared the content multiple times on Facebook but it barely registered more than a handful of interactions.

Some real winners in this round up of 12 campaigns, many that made a big impact such as the Always #LikeAGirl campaign, while others such as the Elan Languages campaign must have won because it was highly creative rather than creating a big impact.

The Social Media Stats Behind The 37 Cannes Lions Titanium Winners: Part 3

The next and final part of this blog series will appear tomorrow. It’ll feature the social media numbers behind the final 12 greatest campaigns of the last year, and coversthe following brands:

  • Pedigree: First Days Out
  • Sport Club de Recife: Security Moms
  • Salta Beer: Beer Tooth Implant
  • ZDK: Nazis Against Nazis
  • Water For Africa: The Marathon Walker
  • Radient: Radient Return
  • UN World Food Programme: 805 Million Names
  • Samsung: Safety Truck
  • Jordan: Re2pect
  • Action For Gun Sense: Groceries Not Guns
  • Prevent Gun Violence: Gun Shop
  • Nike: Risk Everything

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