The Marketer and his Great Weapon


Ranjani Raghupathi

September 25, 2014 2 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017


The most powerful weapon a modern marketer has in this digital age is content. When wielded right, the tool has the capacity to empower an entire organization to defy global competition. Creating such content requires a nuanced approach. We at Unmetric sifted through hundreds of articles and have cherry picked these two pieces from Altimeter and Gartner to help the content evangelist use their tool better.  

Altimeter – How to Foster a Culture of Content

As content marketing takes center stage, businesses need to move away from viewing content as a blogger’s job. In her post, Rebecca Lieb says that in the grand scheme of things, content has a much bigger role than it is given credit for.

A genuine culture of content goes far beyond enabling and empowering content creators outside of marketing. It is about educating audiences, bridging the customer – client relationship manager gap and about marketing better. Read the article find out how better to nurture the culture of content in your company.


GartnerSocial Marketing Strategy

Social media content is uniquely different from mass media content. While professionals are constantly asking what defines ‘good’ social media marketing, Gartner says simple case studies aren’t the answer.

Julie Hopkins points out how social media needs to be leveraged differently based on each brand’s needs. Instead of letting best practices and other research studies dictate your strategy, allow your business objectives, customer interests and your brand philosophy shape it. Hopkins says brands that have the most followers or connections don’t make the headlines, only when strategic objective meets a social tool, an impact is made.


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