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The 43 Most Engaging Mother’s Day Social Media Posts


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 6 min read

Updated on May 10, 2019

Note – Though this post was first published in 2012, it has been updated multiple times, most recently in April, 2019. 

In this post, we look at the top Mother’s Day social content from over the years to help give you some ideas on creating your own content. Using Unmetric Discover, we’ve found brands that create engaging content and analyze their strategy to understand what works best on social media.

Mother’s Day is a retail holiday. There. I said it. Though I can figuratively hear angry gasps from mothers all around the world, the fact remains. While moms will probably be happy with a simple homemade gift (it’s the gesture that counts right?), brands encourage you to pamper her in every way that money can possibly buy.

Most brands will never miss a trick when it comes to an opportunity to engage with their digital audience. Mother’s Day is no different. Over the years, everyone from major banks to telecom companies have started to get in on the act with mostly sentimental, sometimes cute and occasionally tongue-in-cheek messages.

To help you with your Mother’s Day 2019 content, we’ve curated 43 of the most engaging pieces of content that brands have done in the past.


2018 Mother’s Day Social Media Content

McDonald’s Philippines

McDonald’s Philippines used a sweet and simple strategy of asking the fans to share their mom memories. Guess what? It worked really well, receiving over 448K Likes and 17K Shares.


Jollibee featured a Kwentong Mother’s Day trilogy, which went viral on social media. This particular post received 275K Likes and 43K Shares.

Parker Pens India

Contest-based Mother’s Day content ran by Parker Pens India was a massive hit on Social with over 239K Likes and 600 Shares.

Amway India

A heart-warming video capturing emotions between a daughter and a mother engaged well and garnered over 214K Likes and 9K Shares. The video reached a wider audience base generating 10M views.

Jetstar Asia

Jetstar kept their fans super interactive by using their comment section as a platform for fans to share their mom stories. And it came with a chance to win $800 worth of travel getaway vouchers. The post received 534K Likes.

B&M Stores

B&M Stores gave fans a chance to win fun hampers for this retweet contest. This tweet received 1K Likes and 3K Retweets.

Google Pay India

Google Pay India gave away a smart speaker as the prize for their “#ComeClean” contest. Fans jumped in with interesting answers and the tweet received 4K Likes.

Budweiser USA

Budweiser maximizing on the emotional quotient through a heart-warming tribute video featuring Kevin Durant and his mother turned out to bear fruition.The tweet gathered 4K Likes.

Kylie Cosmetics

A post that was published around the product launch of Kris Kollection was one of the best engaging Mother’s Day posts. Just a short span of time… and tada 450K Likes.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret idea of a color-coordinated mommy-daughter PJs won the hearts of many fans and received 293K Likes.


Dior dived straight and promoted its J’adore range of perfume, as a gifting option to convey the perfect message of love.The post received over 145K Likes for the brand.


The Irish fashion retailer focussed on the floral-themed products for Mother’s day, which received over 127K Likes.


Jeep used fan stories with photo-captions as the strategy for Mother’s Day. Over 72k Likes on social!

2017 Mother’s Day Social Media Content



Unarguably, BarkBox wins Mother’s Day on social media. The brand had an ingenious take on Mother’s Day and created a rap song called ‘Dog Mom Anthem’, honoring all the women taking care of their dogs!



Brands have been capitalizing on the emotional quotient of Mother’s Day to set their campaigns soaring. This video by the Filipino fast food chain is no different! With 89K shares and 8.3 million video views, Jollibee did what it set out for.



McDonald’s Pakistan too decided to hit the emotional chords with their brand campaign. The video which received 136K likes and more than 60K shares have clearly made an impact on the audience.

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic


The brand conceptualized an innovative month-long digital campaign for Mother’s Day. Sunfeast collaborated with the musical trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, reaching out to 4 million people asking for their Mother’s Day ideas. The final result of the campaign is this video which got an amazing 135K likes and more than 32 K shares!



Can a plain old Mother’s Day greeting get 47K likes and over 24K shares? Yes, if it’s by Minions. The Facebook page of these yellow beings were able to capture the attention of their fans right before the release of the third part of the franchise ‘Despicable Me’ in June 2017.

2016 Mother’s Day Content

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill’s Pet Nutrition probably spent the least on their Mother’s Day campaign, but won all our hearts. Cute dog/cat videos are a foolproof way to win the internet and there are no two ways about it.

Rajshri Productions


The Indian production company is known for their family oriented movies. It’s no surprise that all they had to do was post one of their iconic movie songs and earn over 10 million video views!

The Angry Birds Movie


Movies have been using the marketing momentum around Mother’s Day to promote themselves. The Angry Birds Movie was set to release on May 11 and they managed catch the eyeballs with this video, getting over 192K shares!



What has Mother’s Day got anything to do with possums? Nothing to be exact, but a mom and a possum in her closet is the perfect recipe for viral content. The post below received over 101K likes and 134K shares!

Mom’s Best Cereals


Animal videos aside, baby videos are the next biggest hit on the internet. What’s better Mother’s Day content than a video compilation of funny moments between babies and their mothers?

2015 Mother’s Day Content



The flower delivery service did an emotional storyline featuring a son gifting his mother flowers for Mother’s day. The video received an eye popping 849K shares 36 million views!


Country Crock


DIY baked flower bouquet is definitely a great gifting idea. Simple how-to posts or recipes especially around holidays can win great engagement for brands.


Seventh Generation


Seventh Generation put themselves to action for Mother’s Day and rightly won social media praise. In collaboration with Mamava, a design company specialized in making lactation pods, the personal care brand created special nursing pods in selected airports.

American Kennel Club

It’s an engagement bait, but who’s complaining when it’s a dog picture!

The Home Depot

Gifting ideas are trending content for any kind of holidays and Mother’s Day is no different.

2014 Mother’s Day Content


What could a toilet paper brand possibly do for Mother’s Day? A little wit is all you need, according to Charmin and you are sure to win fans. Here’s a Mother’s Day post that’s right on point.


Relatability is key to viral content. They just had to state the obvious and then came 787K shares!


They are not new to this list. They are cute and they are funny and they are wishing us on Mother’s Day. It’s interesting to see that the Minions franchise had no movie release scheduled in 2014, but here they are definitely here to stay on top of our minds.

The Breast Cancer Site

The Breast Cancer Site had three of the most-shared posts to their name. Quotes relevant to Mother’s Day are an instant hit on Facebook. Giveaways are another way to get great engagement.


Selfies were definitely the in-thing then. But this one is evidently the best selfie of 2014!

2013 Mother’s Day Content

Bath & Body

Bath & Body had a great VIP tote to offer as the prize for this contest. That’s not too much to ask for in return for a share.

Vodafone Zoozoos India

Vodafone’s Mother’s Day greeting came from its insanely popular ZooZoo characters. As the young ZooZoos give their Mom presents, Vodafone also wished Moms all over the world a Happy Mother’s Day.

LightIn TheBox

The online retail chain did not do anything out of the box, but they knew that everyone would love a DIY cupcake bouquet!

M&M’s U.S.A.

Three M & Ms posed to spell out Mom. The candy people asked to be shared with Moms. Now which Mom wouldn’t love to receive chocolates on her special day?




Disney has always portrayed love, family and very motherly emotions in a large number of its cartoons. This picture from 101 Dalmatians, reminded everyone of the classic cartoon and the adorable bond between Perdita, the mother and her pups.

2012 Mother’s Day Content

Hello Kitty

A cutesy, adorable picture of Hello Kitty and her mom has very expectedly won the most number of shares for 2012!

Cadbury’s Celebrations – India

Cadbury’s choose to go with a cake based theme, maybe an indication that in India, what people like most of all is Moms and cake!


A jar of nutella and a card is perfect! Nutella has opted for a simple approach to Mother’s Day and it sure did win them engagement.


The Italian luxury brand offered a list of gifts every kind of mom could have! As they say it in Italian ‘la mamma e’ sempre la mamma’!

Audi USA

Audi USA just asked one simple question “If you could buy your mom any car this Mother’s Day, which one would it be?”.

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