Taking Inspiration From Inspire


Peter Claridge

April 11, 2016 2 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017

Creating brand content at the cadence that social media demands is no easy task. Each day, the social media beast needs to be fed and its hunger never gets satiated. Honestly, I have the utmost respect for the folks that do this day in and day out.

Back in October 2014, Unmetric wanted to create something that helps the content creators of the world and so was born Unmetric Inspire. It was the first social media search engine for brand content and offered a virtually unlimited supply of brand content, easily searchable and filterable. It indexed over 150 million pieces of brand content.

Unmetric pioneered benchmarkable engagement metrics that factors in community sizes and the value of an interaction. Other metrics like average reply time data and campaign tracking by human analysts were all first introduced by Unmetric.

A year later, in October 2015, Unmetric was first to market again with Unmetric Predict – a product that uses predictive analytics to help content creators understand how well their content is likely to engage with their audience.

It’s against this backdrop that all of us at Unmetric would like to say congratulations to another social media analytics company. Launching a social media search engine and predictive analytics product is no mean feat – we did it 18 months and 6 months ago respectively, so we know what we’re talking about. But after seeing the fruits of their labor, we couldn’t help but do a double take. See for yourself in this side-by-side comparison.


Uncanny, right? They do say that imitation is the best (or at least a) form of flattery so consider us properly flattered!

Of course, the irony isn’t lost on us that a content inspiration tool was used to inspire another content inspiration tool!

So congratulations to this other social analytics company on their new product launch, even if they did take more than just a little bit of ‘inspiration’ from Inspire.

To try out a social media inspiration engine that has seen constant development for the last 18 months based on client feedback, sign up for a trial of Unmetric Analyze or check out Unmetric Discover which takes content inspiration to a whole new level.

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