Social Media Shakedown of Top UK Brands in December


Martin Daniel

August 8, 2014 < 1 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

It was celebration time in the UK in December as brands churned out content with the Christmas theme to engage with their fans on social media. Most of the brands ran contests and gave away prizes in accordance with the season of giving.

Santander and Samsung sought to engage with their fans on Facebook by conducting prize draws, while Paper Mate’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ competition helped the brand achieve a fan engagement which is more than three times the sector average.

On Twitter, ‘Christmas In A Day’ film quiz generated lots of buzz for Sainsbury’s. Premier Inn and Nando’s UK ran contests that engaged the best with their followers.

LG UK’s ‘Men can’t multitask’ video garnered more than 5.9 million view to become one of the most watched brand videos in the UK in December, while Nokia UK’s ‘Lumia 2520’ video ad was the most viewed video on its channel.

Check out the report below to get more insight on how UK brands performed on social media in December.

Social Media Shakedown of Top UK Brands in December 2013 from Unmetric


Unmetric compiled this report by sourcing data from its social media benchmarking platform. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube statistics were gathered for the period of December 1st- 31st, 2013. Gain access to all this data by claiming a free 6 day trial.

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