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Darsana Vijay

August 4, 2016 4 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017

You would think that tyre brands would have a tough time getting an audience. But MRF was a deep part of what I witnessed every tournament in my cricket-obsessed days. Admit it, a lot of us have tried to paint on their logo onto our pretend bats.

Have you wondered how tyre brands do on social media? Can they match the kind of buzz that auto brands generate? To find out, I took a look at the performance of the top tyre brands in India on Facebook during the month of July 2016. They are CEAT, Michelin, Goodyear, MRF, JK, Apollo and TVS.


Let’s start off with the highlights:

  • CEAT Tyres had the largest fan base of 552,473 while TVS Tyres india showed the highest fan growth of 5.45%.
  • Michelin India had the highest People Talking About This (PTAT) of 4.13% as a percentage of its average number of Fans during this time period.
  • CEAT Tyres published the greatest number of posts (35).
  • MRF Tyres had the highest average engagement, with a score of 987.
  • Goodyear received the most number of Likes (103,595), Comments (390) and Shares (529).
  • CEAT Tyres’s Facebook Page saw the highest number of Fan posts (43).
  • CEAT Tyres received the highest percentage of Positive Sentiment (48.00%).
  • Apollo has the best Average Response Time while Goodyear & Michelin (India) responded the most (33% of User Posts).
  • During this time period, #BeenThereSeenThat was the most engaging run by Goodyear. CEAT Tyres published the most (4) in its CEAT Mobile App campaign.

As you can see, there is no clear winner here. Going by these numbers, Goodyear is the most engaging and CEAT is killing it when it comes to Fan sentiment.

Let us explore this a bit further.

Take a look at the Engagement Score for each brand. The Unmetric Engagement Score takes into account Likes, Comments and Shares as well as the number of people who are likely to see the Post.


You can see that MRF Tyres has a slight edge over Goodyear. Take into consideration the fact that Goodyear has about seven times more Fans than MRF. So any conclusions drawn from just counting the number of Likes, Comments and Shares is skewed by the number of Fans.

If you were to look at the Reach and Impressions that these brands receive, you’ll see that Goodyear gets a Reach over 1.9 million and over 3.3 million Impressions.[1] MRF’s Reach (288.7 K) and Impressions (488.5 K) almost seem incomparable.

Such a high number of reach and impressions, usually points to promoted posts. Have a look at the promotion strategy of these brands. CEAT tyres had the most Organic Posts, while Goodyear had the most Promoted Posts.


TVS’ Organic Posts were the most engaging of the lot. They had no Promoted Posts which might explain why they also have one of the smallest communties. Without a paid push, brands will struggle with reach and visiblity on Facebook. CEAT’s Promoted Posts were the most engaging. This is important to know because just promoting a post is not always enough. If it’s bad content to begin with, no amount of money will help it engage better.


Goodyear made the most out of their paid posts, with them witnessing the biggest surge in engagement from Promotions.

If you were to look at the engagement each brand received, there are clear spikes that coincide with the Posts that have money behind them. Check this out:


With Organic Reach plummeting, you can’t just bank on Promoted Posts to get your amazing content seen by more people. Creating more content that is shareable multiplies the impact of promoting the content. How do you create shareable content? Check out Discover, the ideation engine that lets you search through 350 million pieces of the best engaging brand content.

Take a look at a couple of the Posts that got the most Shares:

MRF’s content is more conversational and interactive. By appealing to the pain points of their customers and engaging them. By inviting comments from Fans, they make the content more shareable. Fans would like to know what their friends think and they would want their comments to be seen by their friends as well. Leading Fans to think of content as something that they also have a say in goes a long way. Same goes for this Post.

Contests have now become a popular hack to get more Shares. The Fan-generated content bit applies here as well.

CEAT got a considerable amount of reach (close to 340K) from its one Promoted Post. Their other Posts didn’t get so much love. Content that encourages more conversations would be the way to go for this brand. There’s a huge potential in the Fan sentiments and loyalty that CEAT currently has that it can totally cash in on, with a few tweaks to its social media strategy.

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[1] Reach is the total number of unique users who get to see a particular piece of content on Facebook. Impressions takes into account all views that a Post gets.

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