How Benelli Races Ahead of the Competition on Social Media


Darsana Vijay

August 11, 2016 4 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017

At some point in our lives, we’ve all flirted with the idea of getting on a bike and going where the road takes us. Then you smell the coffee and start working on a social media report on Bikes. Well, as my teammates are gearing up for their short holidays, this report is my way of coping.


I took a look at the top Indian Motorcycle brands in India (better known as Bikes). I analyzed the social media performance of Benelli, Harley-Davidson, Indian, KTM, Royal Enfield, Triumph, and Yamaha R-Series during the month of July 2016. The reason why each of these brands get varying levels of engagement is explored here.

Let’s start off with a few observations:

  • Harley-Davidson India has the most Fans while DSK Benelli India had the highest growth
  • DSK Benelli India engaged best with its Fans, over the course of the month.
  • Harley-Davidson India has published the most Brand Posts while DSK Benelli India had the least
  • Royal Enfield has published the most User Posts while DSK Benelli India, Harley-Davidson India & Triumph Motorcycles India had the least
  • KTM INDIA had the most number of People Talking About them (as % of Fans)

Why is Benelli so engaging?

When you look a little closer, you will notice that Benelli gets more engagement than its competitors who seem to be doing extremely well in terms of Likes, Comments and Shares. (The Unmetric Engagement Score is an aggregate of the Likes, Comments and Shares received by Brand Posts that factors in the number of people likely to see it).


Let’s see what this is about.


The above chart shows the Likes, Comments and Shares that each brand gets per Post. You’ll notice that KTM and Royal Enfield are doing much better on these counts than Benelli. Remember, Benelli had the least number of Posts, in this group. (See the chart below for the volume of Brand Posts). That further goes to prove that KTM and Enfield got so much more Likes, Comments and Shares, as compared to Benelli. Even Harley, which has about thrice the number of Posts as Benelli.

Volume of Brand Posts


Let’s take a look at the top Posts from this vertical:



Royal Enfield

Promoted Posts:

Very few Brand Posts from this group were promoted. Royal Enfield had the most Promoted Posts (7 out of a total 34). Take a look at the chart below to see the effect that Promoted Posts had on each Brand’s engagement.


Benelli had just one Post with money behind it, as compared to Enfield’s 5 and Harley’s 7. Benelli’s Organic Posts (and the sole Promoted one) received more engagement that the competitors’ Promoted Posts. Check out the engagement each of these brands received over the course of the month. (The ‘$’ sign indicates Promoted Posts).


Reach and Impressions:

Royal Enfield’s 34 Posts, on average had a Reach of over 7.7 million, and got about 13 million Impressions. Harley-Davidson’s 86 Posts reached over 10.7 million Fans and amassed over 18 million Impressions. Benelli’s 30 Posts reached less than 340K viewers and got about 622K Impressions.

Benelli’s Reach, as a percentage of the number of Fans they have (56%), is higher than any of its competitors. And this is with just one Promoted Post.

A quick look at Benelli’s Posts, reveals a content strategy that is sweet and simple. All of their Posts have pictures, most of which showcase their amazing bikes. The description is short and simple. By talking about the experience and the spirit of riding, they connect to their Fans. This fosters consistent engagement, which allows for Organic Reach.

As I go back to my day-dreams of backpacking and riding along the dusty roads, why don’t you try creating a one-click report with Analyze. It’ll make your Monday much more bearable.

(Note: As Indian Motorcycles is a recent addition to our brand repository, we haven’t tracked the Promotion statistics for the brand)

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