Real Madrid’s Victory March on Social Media


Darsana Vijay

May 31, 2016 3 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017

Real Madrid lifted the Champions League trophy for the 11th time and they did it with great panache! Real Madrid took over my Facebook news feed with devout fans’ updates and picture after picture of Christiano Ronaldo. A brief look at the official Twitter, Facebookand Instagram accounts of the team showed that Real Madrid had put up an equally stunning performance online as they did on the field.

Here are the highlights from the posts that were put up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on the 28th and the 29th of May –

Real Madrid had a total of 54 posts on Facebook, 42 on Instagram and 109 on Twitter.  


The team’s Facebook page drove in the most engagement which is in keeping with what I had observed earlier in this post.  

(Note: The Unmetric Engagement Score measures the engagement a post receives online, estimated out of a maximum of 1,000. To know more, follow this link.)


Real Madrid’s Facebook account received an average engagement of 867. Out of the 54 posts they put up, 36 were photos, 17 videos and one was a link.

The chart shows the engagement that each type of content received on Facebook. Photos received the most engagement.



The team’s update sharing an album titled ‘Our Journey Back to Madrid!’ was the most popular with a staggering 1.7 million likes.


The most engaging Tweet, of the 109 that were posted on the two days, announced their victory over Atletico. It amassed 11,426 likes and 18,284 Retweets.

In addition to the Tweets put out by the team’s account, there was a massive volume of Follower tweets. The chart below looks at the hastag usage by the team account vis-a-vis their Followers.




42 posts were published on the Instagram feed by Real Madrid, most of which were shots of the team celebrating after the victory. 2 out of those were videos. The account had an average engagement score of 881. They received an average of 6,59,487  likes and 3,435 comments on each post.

Hashtag_Instagram-1.pngThe following chart shows the engagement each hashtag garnered.


This shot of Sergio Ramos exulting after scoring a goal was the most engaging. It attracted over 957,000 likes.

It would be an understatement to say that Real Madrid excels at managing its social profiles. When you have great players, an exceptional manager and the European Cup to boot, engagement is more or less guaranteed. Even if that is the case, the team’s social profiles do not disappoint any fan. Their greatest strength might lie in the fact that in sharing their jubiliation, they make their fans feel part of it all.

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