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Shruti Ramanujam

February 28, 2019 2 min read

Updated on September 17, 2019

In our bid to make social media analysts’ lives spreadsheet-free, we’ve added yet another layer of analysis to our famed Brand Posts tab.

Earlier, this part of the Unmetric platform listed all the posts a brand has posted over a specified time period and helped you benchmark them against other brands on a series of metrics. With this new update, you can:

  • Analyze content using segments.
  • Compare segments using different KPIs.
  • Tag or download multiple posts in one shot.

Segment brand posts

You can now further analyze a brand’s posts by segmenting them using various filters. Create up to 3 segments and compare them all against each other in one shot. The filters you can choose for segmentation are:

  • Keywords
  • System-generated tags (e.g. promoted or positive sentiment)
  • Content tags
  • Days on which the post was published
  • Content type

Here’s how you can compare the engagement of Starbucks’ promoted posts versus all the posts they’ve published in the last month.

Compare segments using different KPIs

We know that you have your own set of key performance indicators (KPIs). That’s why Unmetric now allows you to compare the performance of segments using a couple of different metrics.

And that’s not all! Depending on the metrics you choose, you can also change the type of chart the results should be displayed in. Partial to just bar graphs? You can make all your charts bar graphs.

You can also change the time series of the chart (daily, weekly, or monthly) and download it for your viewing later.

Tag and download multiple posts at once

Want to tag or download all the posts that contain a particular keyword or media type? We’ve still got your back! You can now filter a brand’s posts by keywords, tags, and content type and sort them by interaction metrics. You can then hit tag or download after selecting the post(s).


There you have it! These are all the new things that were cooking in the Unmetric labs over the past few weeks.


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