Not Just Your Average Thursday


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

Thursday, 12th April: It could have been like any other Thursday but this particular day was special for Unmetric: We were announcing our Series A funding and the launch of our unique Unmetric Score. For the past month we had been planning for this announcement and the office was buzzing with excitement as the day drew closer. We are absolutely thrilled that major US news companies picked up our story and published articles about us – it’s hugely satisfying to know that what everyone has been working towards, in some cases for the last two years, is big enough to make it in to the news.

By the end of the day we had been featured on no less than 3 major US news sites and dozens of top regional tech blog sites. We followed the action closely on Twitter to get involved with the conversation and made use of Google Analytics Real Time data to track people coming to the site and discover where they had come from.

This is what the top media sites had to say about us so far…


Getting on Mashable was a big ego boost for us and they did a great story. We also love that it has been shared and mentioned nearly 1,000 times. This is what they said:

If you can see what your competition is doing, and what is working for them, then in theory you stand a better chance of being able to beat them. Unmetric is a new social benchmarking tool to do just that.


Our story got picked up by the number one news agency in the world. A really nice write up too, we never thought Unmetric could be the love child of two other services!

What would you get if social media ego measurement tool Klout had a baby with comScore? It would probably be Unmetric, a new “social media benchmark” tool that helps brands measure their social media engagement.


TheNextWeb did a great indepth review and interview with Lux and made an impact on the traffic to our site from the moment they published the news. Nearly 500 shares on the social network sites too!

Like Klout for brands, Unmetric Score uses a recipe of qualitative and quantative metrics to keep an eye on the competition in all sorts of business sectors

As well as getting in the news, there was also a lot of chatter on Twitter with some influential names like Mari Smith sending out a very positive tweet about Unmetric.

Of course, once the news got out many other blogs and sites picked up the story and re-published the news and it’s been fun watching how far and wide it has spread. Even after a couple of days we’re coming across sites that have published our announcement – testimony to the power of the press release and what mentions on Mashable, TNW and Reuters can do for you! Now, this announcement and media coverage is just the start and we hope to be making a splash in the news in the near future.

A cheesy signoff, but watch this space!

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