12 of the Most Engaging Mother’s Day Posts on Facebook


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

Note – This post was first published in 2014, it has been updated multiple times, most recently in April, 2019. 

Every special holiday is a huge opportunity for brands to re-connect with their fans. All brands have done an incredible job of connecting the day with their brand and have brought forth emotional, cute, funny and attractive posts. Like in our previous post, we took a peek at how the top global brands celebrated Mother’s Day to engage their fans.

Parker Pens India

Contest-based Mother’s Day content ran by Parker Pens India was a massive hit on Social with over 239K Likes and 600 Shares.

Amway India

A heart-warming video capturing emotions between a daughter and a mother engaged well and garnered over 214K Likes and 9K Shares. The video reached a wider audience base generating 10M views.


Unarguably, BarkBox wins Mother’s Day on social media. The brand had an ingenious take on Mother’s Day and created a rap song called ‘Dog Mom Anthem’, honoring all the women taking care of their dogs! The post was an instant hit with the fans and garnered 203K likes and an eye-popping 798K shares!


Brands have been capitalizing on the emotional quotient of Mother’s day to set their campaigns soaring. This video by the Filipino fast food chain is no different! With 89K shares and 8.3 million video views, Jollibee did what it set out for.


McDonald’s Pakistan decided to hit the emotional chords with their brand campaign.
The video which received 136K likes and more than 60K shares have clearly made an impact on the audience.

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic

The brand conceptualized an innovative month-long digital campaign for Mother’s Day. Sunfeast collaborated with the musical trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, reaching out to 4 million people asking for their Mother’s Day ideas. The final result of the campaign is this video which got an amazing 135K likes and more than 32 K shares!


Can a plain old Mother’s Day greeting get 47K likes and over 24K shares? Yes, if it’s by Minions. The Facebook page of these yellow beings were able to capture the attention of their fans right before the release of the third part of the franchise ‘Despicable Me’ in June 2017.


The clothing brand produced an original music video for their Mother’s Day campaign. Featuring artist Meesha Shafi and a troupe of singers, the video is a shout out to all working mothers, especially the ones working at Khaadi.

National Audubon Society

The environment conservation society did what they do best. The video of a little birdie cozying up to its mother, brings our attention to the fact that it’s not just humans, but every being in nature shares the same affection for their mothers. The post received over 25K likes and over 19K shares.


The fast food chain put their best foot forward and offered all mom’s free hot dogs on Mother’s day! This was a sure-fire way to win engagement. The post got 10K likes and over 19K shares!


Disney has been winning our hearts forever and Mother’s Day is no special. This video featuring snippets from our favorite Disney movies showcased the motherly qualities that Disney characters encompassed.


Crayola, the handicraft company posted a special DIY video for making a flower wreath. The gift idea was a hit with their fans and received over 17K shares and 972K views!

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