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Shruti Ramanujam

December 17, 2018 3 min read

Updated on September 17, 2019

Instagram has become an important platform in brands’ social media arsenal over the years. With more brands flocking to Instagram every month, it’s high time you started getting insight into your own and competitors’ engagement metrics too.

You asked, we answered.

Two metrics that social media managers would love to get their hands on are Instagram reach and impressions. Our own brand and agency clients have been asking for these, ever since we introduced estimated Facebook reach and impressions tracking.

That’s why we’ve now rolled out a new feature which will allow you to get a close estimate of the reach and impressions brand posts have garnered on Instagram. You can view these metrics collectively for all brand posts as well as each individual post published starting October 1st, 2018.

How do you define reach and impressions?

Reach is the number of unique views a story or post received, while impressions are the number of times a story or post was viewed. Clearly, the number of impressions would be equal to or greater than the reach garnered by a post or story.

Why do I need these metrics again?

Let’s face it, the Instagram algorithm doesn’t work in everyone’s favor. With the 2016 release of the see what you care about first algorithm—which ensures that users see more of the kinds of posts they’ve interacted with in the past—brands have been struggling to break even on the Instagram interactions front.

It’s no longer enough for social media managers to just post at the right time to reach the right audience. Now, they also need to focus on creating the kind of content that’ll break the algorithm and bring in the engagement they require.

And that’s where reach and impressions monitoring come in.

Why do I need to track my competitor’s reach and impressions?

While you can already check your own posts’ reach and impressions if you have an Instagram Business profile, it’s not possible to do the same for your competitors’ posts. How do some brands manage to rake in all the engagement? Why is the algorithm not affecting them? Where do you stand in comparison to them and how can you improve? It would be great if you knew the answers to these questions.

By seeing what already works well for other brands, you can adopt a similar social strategy for yourself. You can also compare your own metrics with those of your competitors to see where you stand out or fall back.

Tracking the reach of your influencer marketing programme.

If you have an influencer marketing program (and who doesn’t, nowadays?), knowing the reach of your influencers is as important as knowing their engagement. As long as your influencer has a business profile on Instagram, it can be added to the Unmetric database.

Don’t wait for your influencer to send screenshots of the reach and engagement metrics. Get them all at the tip of your fingers in the Unmetric platform. All influencer reach and engagement metrics can be quickly downloaded and added to your report.

Unmetric Analyze has got your back.

Using machine learning algorithms, our app can accurately estimate the reach and impressions of brand posts. With this new addition to the to the app, you can now:

  • Understand how purchasing decisions are made by your brand’s customers.
  • View the reach and impressions of both your own and competitor’ posts and campaigns.
  • Benchmark your posts’ performance against those of your competitors to see how you can better drive engagement.

And we track over 33,000 brands on Instagram here at Unmetric, with more being added every day. Can you picture how easily you can enhance your social strategy now?


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