Meet Discover : Our Data-Powered Content Ideation Toolkit!


Darsana Vijay

June 14, 2016 3 min read

Updated on May 18, 2018

A few minutes ago, we announced the release of our latest toolkit for brand content creators – Discover. The need for a content ideation tool that content writers can use to identify trending topics, gain inspiration and then collaborate with the team is what we seek to address. Discover takes  data-powered content creation to another level.


The one-of-a-kind content ideation search engine gives you access to 321 million pieces of brand content that is guaranteed to spark your inspiration. Along with the 1.2 trillion engagement markers that are plugged into this stream, you can build a failsafe content strategy.

As a toolkit that was developed as an answer to content creators’ pain points, Discover revolutionizes the content creation process, for the better. The ever-so-familiar blank page that haunts every content creator is where Discover starts off from. With its unique whitespace analysis, you can locate topics that you need to be talking about. Not just that, you will not be creating duplicates of what is already out there. By zeroing in on a niche approach, your unique contribution will surely be heard.


Discover radically changes the way content creators would go about their day. First, it helps you monitor and stay on top of upcoming topics that you should be building content around.


Then, it presents you with a stream of brand content that can be arranged in the order of engagement, relevance or chronologically. You can even put in additional filters to look at only a particular industry or a custom time period. Discover brings with it a wealth of historical brand data dating back to 2012.


When you search for a particular topic you want to build your content around, you get a snapshot of cross-industry trends. You can choose to focus on the one most relevant to you. The search engine also generates a word cloud of terms that featured most in existing content on the topic you searched for. This can give you valuable suggestions on keywords that you should use when you compose your content.

A solid content strategy cannot be just about inspiration and individual creativity. With Discover, you can easily collaborate with your team, by making use of the board feature. Quite like Pinterest, you can create a scrapbook with the content that strikes a chord with you, that you can come back to when needed. Your teammates can add to it too. You can also keep track of what your teammates are up to on Discover.


Discover should be an essential tool in every content creator’s arsenal. Let nothing come in the way of creativity. Sign up for a free trial here.

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