Last month on social: Puns, pizzas, and more pop culture


Shruti Ramanujam

October 1, 2019 2 min read

Updated on October 1, 2019

Fall started early in September, with brands bringing in the autumn vibes, pumpkin spice, and everything nice a lot earlier than usual. But more than the Fall, September for brands on social was all about getting topical. There were quite a lot of memes, relevant posts, and celebration of unusual calendar days by brands. 


Here are a few posts that stood out to us while curating #UnmetricBrandStars.

Butter not make them histree!

Amul, the Indian cooperative dairy brand, has been commenting on current affairs both in the country and around the world for years. Their pun protesting the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited’s proposed deforestation of the Aarey Colony won hearts on social. It even was one of their most engaging posts in September!

Welcome to Halloween Town

Fans of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas all had a reason to rejoice, for Build-a-Bear Workshop released a special collection on the movie. With over 65K interactions, this was the brand’s most engaging post in September.

The King of the NBA and pizzas

LeBron James passed out pizza from Blaze Pizza on the street while pretending to be a delivery guy named Ron. This video was Blaze Pizza’s most engaging tweet in September.


Coming hot on the heels of PlayStation declaring that the X button was really called the cross, this post from Xbox was well-received by the gaming community. Not only was this Xbox’s most engaging September post, but it also fetched them nearly $29,300 in engagement.

When the Kombucha Girl met Chipotle

Memes are how the internet communicates these days, so obviously, brands participate in them too. Chipotle threw its hat in the ring with this Kombucha Girl meme. This promoted post topped Chipotle’s most engaging posts list, both in engagement score and its dollar value.

In all, it was a month of memes, puns, and celebration of unusual days. To discover such engaging posts within a day or two of them being published, check out #UnmetricBrandStars, a daily feature on Unmetric’s social channels, where brands with engaging content are featured.

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