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Last month on social:
Brands, bananas, and banter


Shruti Ramanujam

August 6, 2019 2 min read

Updated on August 6, 2019

As always, it was a wild month on social media in July, starting with the US winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup and ending with people dramatically aging themselves using their phones. Brands cashed in on all the chatter on social with their own twists and take on popular trends.


Here are a few posts from July that stood out to us while curating #UnmetricBrandStars.

Where do we talk about our skincare routine now?

On a bright July morning, Instagram went down, sending everyone to Twitter to crib about it. Noticing this, Innocent Drinks immediately published this hilarious tweet about Instagram influencers. None of Innocent’s subsequent tweets in July were able to top the huge engagement score this one garnered.

MoonPie, meet Moon. Moon, MoonPie.

Every brand’s brands to follow list is sure to feature MoonPie and Wendy’s. And when the two brands talk to each other, every social media manager—including ours—swoons! This highly entertaining interaction is a great example of how brands could banter with each other.

A thread of hilarious conversation between MoonPie and Wendy's on Twitter about sending a MoonPie to the moon.

#WorldEmojiDay ⭐

We’re all about the “un” here at Unmetric and love cheering when brands participate in unusual calendar events. Several brands celebrated World Emoji Day with a post and this particular image from Flipkart stood out to us. Our AI estimates that this post received a minimum Reach of 10K!

Coca-Cola is immortal!

FaceApp was all the rage last month, with users all over the globe using the app to see what they might look like a few years down the line. Sure, there were data privacy concerns about it, but both brands and users alike weren’t deterred. Of all the FaceApp-related brand posts, Coca-Cola sure won the most hearts!

This is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Indian brands finished off this month with a lot of chatter about bananas and it definitely wasn’t the Gwen Stefani song they were talking about. Posts about the #RahulBoseMoment were all over social media and this post by Croma Retail was their second most engaging in July. 


In all, it was a month filled with banter, social media fads, and witty remarks from brands. To discover such engaging posts within a day or two of them being published, check out #UnmetricBrandStars, a daily feature on Unmetric’s social channels, where brands with engaging content are featured.


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