Kraft Foods Finds Love On Valentine’s Day


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 2 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

They say that for many cultures food is the language of love and we’ve all heard the saying that many women claim the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (although someone with a little less romance in them might say that it’s through his chest).

Now @KraftFoods is probably not one of the first companies that springs to mind when it comes to this international day of love, for that we have Hallmark, but that hasn’t stopped them running one of the most successful social media campaigns for Valentine’s Day.

By combining their hugely popular @Mac n Cheese brand, a bit of cheesy romance and a splash of good old CSR, Kraft created a hugely engaging Twitter campaign. They hired the talents of Ted Williams, the formerly homeless man with the golden voice and promised to get him to record himself reading out romantic tweets to a person’s loved one with the video posted to Youtube. Check out one of the videos below:

As well as doing personalized voice overs for followers, Kraft also promised to donate 100 boxes of Mac n Cheese to Feeding America for every tweet they received with the hashtag #voiceoflove – although naturally the marketing budget they had allocated limited this gift of generosity to 100,000 boxes. Still that’s pretty good and it’s not surprising that with the flood of tweets from love struck men and women across America they soon hit 1000 tweets.

It wasn’t just Kraft’s individual brands that were capitalizing on social media, their main Facebook page, playing on a food and romance theme again, posted some content that proved to be exceptionally engaging for the fans. We were alerted yesterday by our application that Kraft had posted something which really clicked with the fans.

An alternative funny Valetine’s Day greeting ecard, created by their Oscar Mayer brand was posted yesterday and generated 430 shares which is pretty exceptional since in the last 30 days the admins have posted 55 times and they’ve only managed to get over 100 shares twice before. This is what they’ve posted…

Kraft score a social media home run

Here’s a screenshot of what we’re seeing in the Unmetric app right now for Kraft’s main Facebook page. As you can see, compared to previous posts this Valentine’s image really caught people’s imagination and the fact that they wanted to share it on their walls with the Oscar Mayer logo shows that they really trust the brand and are happy to be associated with it.

Kraft Engagement Scores

Kudos to the Kraft social media marketing team for managing to do such a successful Valentine’s social media campaign!

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