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IPL 2016 Recap : Most Engaging Brand Posts


Darsana Vijay

June 1, 2016 2 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017

The 9th edition of the Indian Premier League concluded last weekend with Sunrisers Hyderabad emerging winners. IPL has always been a fertile ground for brands to come up with clever, witty copy. Ever wondered if anybody would remember all the things they laughed to (or got annoyed by) this season, when the next season rolls in? At Unmetric, we care about content. And so, here I take a look at some of the most engaging Facebook posts and Tweets by brands during the IPL season.

All I had to do to zero in on and select these awesome posts is open up the Unmetric dashboard, and search for keywords and hashtags (like ‘#IPL2016’ etc) under the Ideate tab. Within seconds, I was browsing through brand Posts arranged in the order of engagement they received online. With another click, I was looking at the most engaging Tweets. You also have the option of choosing content from a particular industry or just from brands that you monitor.


Each of the following posts had an Engagement Score of 1,000.
(The Unmetric Engagement score is a measure of the engagement a post gets on social media, out of a maximum of 1,000. See this link to know more.)

1. Good Day India

2. Spykar

3. Askme Grocery

4. Daikin India

5. Ultratech Cement


All Tweets that follow, except the final one have an Engagement Score of 1,000.

1. KFC India

2. Fenda India

3. Bajaj FinServ

4.  Mother Dairy

5.  Amul  (Engagement Score – 998)

As you would have probably noticed, a lot of the content featured in this list are contests or polls. There is no dearth of enthusiastic fans rooting for their teams who participate in these, driving up engagement. But, I still have a soft-corner for posts like Amul’s which rarely fails to make me grin.

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