How To: Uncover The Instagram Lingo of Your Sector


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 2 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

Every industry has its own lexicon and staying up to date with the latest slang can be a job in itself. This is especially true for brands that are targeting the younger, socially savvy generation where phrases like FOMO and YOLO are born seemingly every other week. Instagram has given birth to so many of these words and phrases (selfie, anyone?) which makes it vital to stay ahead of the curve for brands to remain relevant on these platforms.

Unmetric makes it easy to know what words, phrases and abbreviations are currently resonating right now via the hashtag analysis feature. Here’s how to do it.

Step One: Add the top brands in your sector or sub sector

Use Unmetric’s brand manager to add the top brands either by number of followers or by the Unmetric Score. The Unmetric Score takes in to account a whole range of metrics so it’s a more holistic snapshot of how a brand is performing – often brands with fewer followers can be doing a great job but are overlooked due to their smaller community. The Unmetric Score helps you identify these hidden gems.

Step Two: Use the Hashtag Analysis

In the analysis tab, navigate to Hashtag Analysis and check out the top hashtags used by the brand for the time period you set. Quite often the hashtags will be unique to the brand itself, so we can say for Urban Outfitters, hashtags like #uoaroundyou and #uoxlp are clearly brand hashtags. There are some other hashtags as well like #icecream and #apartment but these are generic words. The hashtag that stands out here is #ootd, it’s not a brand hashtag, it’s not a generic word and it’s highly engaging. Looks like some industry based lingo.


Step Three: Check to see if other brands are using the hashtag

From the top brands we entered, we discover that Forever21 has also used the #ootd hashtag and it’s also highly engaging.


A quick Google search later and it’s found that OOTD is an abbreviation for Outfit of the Day which makes a lot of sense for apparel retail brands. It looks like it’s an engaging concept and a hashtag that has found success with two of the biggest retail brands in the US. How many new highly engaging words, phrases and abbreviations do you think you can uncover in your industry using Unmetric’s Instagram hashtag analysis?

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