How To Organize Your Competitor Set For Easy Comparison


Aditi Raghavan

October 14, 2014 2 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

As humans, we love order. We love to make lists, categorize and group objects, people and places together to make sense of them. We understand that grouping your competitors is no different – maybe you bucket them together by industry, relevance, size or even just how much you admire them. 

To help you make sense of your competitive landscape, we have a simple feature called ‘Groups’. Here’s how you can create ‘Groups’ on the Unmetric platform – 

Step 1. Edit Groups 

Just click on the button named Groups on your main dashboard to edit your groups within the Settings page. 


Here you can compare, add, delete brands to and rename your Groups. You’ll notice we have changed the name of one of our groups to Moisturizers. You can also delete all the brands in your Group with the click of a button. 

Step 2. Compare Groups 

Back on the main dashboard, you can switch over the List view to compare metrics between brand in different groups or across all groups at a glance. 


That’s it! Groups is simple and convenient, and helps you track your competitors easily. We continue to look at ways to make the Groups feature more flexible and easy to use. I

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