How To Measure Your Brand’s Share Of Voice Against Competitors


Aditi Raghavan

November 25, 2014 2 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

Note: This post was updated in May 2016. 

As a modern marketer, the limited attention span of the Internet audience probably keeps you up at night. If you have questions like, “How do I maximize my brand’s social media content exposure?” or “How much audience engagement does our quality of content yield versus the quantity of content?”, we’ve got you covered. 

Our brilliant feature Share of Voice  is an analytics powerhouse that shows how you fared against your competitors. Here’s how you measure your brand’s Share of Voice. 

Step 1. Head over to the Compare tab

Under the sub-tab called Content, you will find a nifty tab called…yep, you guessed it – Share of Voice! Click on the tab to bring up the Share of Voice split among all content published by brands in your Group for the selected time period.  

Step 2. Search by keywords 

To refine your search, you can enter a keyword, phrase or even a hasthag. In the example below, we wanted to know which brands’ content was about the TV show ‘game of thrones.’ Switch Groups if you want to find your Share of Voice among a different competitive set and hit Search. 



Step 3. Slice and dice the results 

Once you have your results, you can further breakdown your results to see who has received the largest share of Likes, Comments or Shares and corresponding average engagement score for the brand. Select or de-select brands from the sidebar on the right to compare alternate sets of brands even within a Group. 


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Meanwhile,  why don’t you log in  and check out Share of Voice in action right now! If you’re not a client and you’d like to find out more about this and our other amazing features, simply request a demo!






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