How to Leverage Your Competitor’s YouTube Strategy


Aditi Raghavan

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on April 28, 2021

It’s pretty tricky to come up with an innovative YouTube Strategy for brands every few months. You often need answers to questions like: How often should you post to your YouTube channel? Is it just another platform for TV ads or do shorter forms of content see resonance? How do you benchmark success based on average video views?

A great way to get answers, and get a leg up on the competition is to study your competitor’s YouTube strategy – how often they post and their video views rate – to inspire and benchmark your performance accordingly. On Unmetric, there’s an easy way to access such data –

Step 1. Create your Competitive Set

To get started, add your competitors’ YouTube channels to create your competitor set. You can do this by heading over to the Manage Groups/Brands page.


To help us along, we’ve created a mock competitor set of automotive brands.

Step 2. Compare Average Video Views

To delve deep into the competitive intelligence that you need, proceed to the Compare tab. Click on the tab named Average Views.


In this tab, you can compare the performance of competitor YouTube channels for the time period selected such as Last Week, like in this case, or for All Time. This gives you a sense of how your competitors’ strategy is performing right now, as well as a broad overview of how the same strategy has worked out in the past.

Step 3. Compare Video Upload Numbers

To help us figure out what led to these numbers, head over the Uploads tab.


Here you will be able to note the posting volume and frequency of your competitors for a given time period or for all time. Again, this lets you determine their proactive effort and deduce what has been driving the performance we saw in the last step.

Need to compare your YouTube efforts against your competitors? To find out how you can create a competitor set that brings you the most insights, click the button below and an Unmetric analyst will walk you through it.


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