How to Keep Track of Your Agency’s Usage of a Marketing Platform


Aditi Raghavan

August 19, 2014 2 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

These days we have a tool, app, platform or software for everything. Well, almost everything. The marketing, PR, communication, branding and agency ecosystems are no different. With multiple teams, numerous collaborative projects, clients, budgets and communication challenges – agencies are a laboratory for many new technologies.

Unmetric is a natural fit for agencies – a platform that helps you save time, enables greater control of your social media data and helps you achieve that competitive edge. However, we also know teams and accounts invest money and effort in using Unmetric. We believe the merit of many technologies are sometimes best determined when we hold them accountable to their usage as well as their users. How do you track of keep track of how you and others are using Unmetric within your agency?

We’ve got an easy way to get all this data within the Unmetric platform, and it takes just three steps –

Step 1. Navigate to the Settings Page

Login to the main agency user’s account and lookout for the Users and Usage tab.





Step 2. Download Usage Data

Once you are in, move over the download icon. Click on it to begin the download of your usage data.



Step 3. Explore Your Agency Data

Open up the downloaded excel sheet, and you will see usage data split up into the following columns.


It’s as simple as that – all the usage data at your fingertips. If you have an Agency account, go ahead and login to check this feature out so that the next time you have an internal technology audit or just want to keep tabs on the budget, you are well prepared.  

 If you’re not a client, get started on your free trial today.


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