How To Generate Awesome Reports


Lakshmi Kumaraswami

April 3, 2015 < 1 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

Note: This post was updated in May 2016.

Reports aren’t just about cutting and pasting numbers anymore; they need to:

  • Give people perspective on the brand, determine what needs improvement

  • Incentivise stakeholders to increase the company’s budget on social spend.

Now making PowerPoint Reports can be fun, but some days they can be one of the most mind-numbing jobs. Enter Unmetric!

Our Reports feature will generate awesome reports in less than 30 seconds and save you loads of time and effort. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1. Head over to the Compare tab

Under Reports, click on the tab that reads ‘Configurable Reports’

Step 2. Choose the format and content

First select which group and a time period for your report. Then – download your report as an Excel Workbook or a Powerpoint deck.


Step 3. Configure them as you please

Once downloaded, change the colors, remove data points and structure them to suit your needs.



We’ll be sending these reports on a weekly and monthly basis as well. So what are you waiting for?


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