How To Find The Right Influencers on Twitter


Ranjani Raghupathi

April 21, 2016 3 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017

Influencer marketing isn’t complex. It’s applying the age old concept of having a brand ambassador on a micro level to your digital marketing. However, what’s complex is finding the right influencers to target. In the age of content marketing, influencer-driven recommendations encourage purchases. Studies by McKinsey, Augure, and many others agree. In this article, we take a look at how a marketer can find and engage with the right influencers.


For starters, you can find influencers by simply analyzing your Twitter or Facebook to see who engages with your content frequently and then assess mileage your brand would get out of a personal recommendation from them. While this can be a makeshift way of finding influencers, for larger brands that are serious about social media, a data-driven approach is essential.  

Unmetric Analyze allows you to sift through your hottest influencers so you can find the apt people to engage and boost your content with. Here is where and how you access that data on Unmetric Analyze.

Step 1. Head over to the Analyze Tab

Once you’ve logged into the Unmetric Analyze app, on the left top corner, click on the drop-down list and choose Twitter. Once the Twitter dashboard opens, click on the Analyze option.


If you already have brands chosen, click on the brand you want to find influencers for. If not click on the add brand button and with a simple search, add the brands you like.


Step 2. Under Account, click on Influencers   

Once you go to your brand’s Analyze page, in the left menu, under Account, you’ll see a menu option for Influencers. Click on it and this will open your list of influencers.


You can find the most important and largest Twitter accounts that have Mentioned or Retweeted you in the past. You can even click on the tweet number to see which tweet this was. This isn’t just a list of influencers that your brand can leverage, but since they’ve already engaged with your brand in the past, these are a list of qualified influencers that are more likely to endorse your brand message.

Step 3. Sift through & rearrange the results

Influencers are two types – those with the larger fan following, and those that might have a smaller following but are more frequent in sharing your content. Based on your campaign goals, using Unmetric, you can sort the influencer list by number of Followers or Tweets


What’s more? You can even export the data for easier access.


You can also change the time period to find seasonal influencers/ influencers that have endorsed your previous campaigns. Or you can even view your competitor brands’ influencers and leverage that list to maximize on reach. And there you go! In just a few simple steps you can find a list of qualified influencers using Unmetric Analyze.

All of Unmetric’s clients have access to this data. If you’d like to be one of them or simply get a sample list of your most qualified influencers, sign up for a free trial of Unmetric Analyze by filling out the form below.

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